Warnings from Google that browser is unsupported

  • For some reason, I've been noticing alerts from Google websites (Sites, Drive, etc.) that Vivaldi is an unsupported browser and that I should use Chrome or Firefox. This wasn't happening before so.. what's the deal now?

    I'm using Vivaldi 1.12.955.36 (Stable channel) (32-bit) on Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit

  • @novaviper Many sites employ pointless browser sniffing. It looks at the user agent string and if it's not something that's on their predefined list they can arbitrarily block you or give you message like this.

    There's not much that can be done.

    You can always double-check you're on the latest version of vialdi by going to the menu > help > check updates.

    If a site like this blocks you, you can bypass it with a user agent switcher, such as this one: User Agent Switcher

  • @lonm said in Warnings from Google that browser is unsupported:

    ser agent string and if it's not something that's on their predefined list they can arbitrarily block you or give you message

    I've checked to see if I'm out of date but Vivladi says I'm up to date.. And it only seemed to start since I updated to 1.12. I'm going to try the user agent extension to see if it that fixes the alerts

    Still can't get into the New Google Sites when using the Chrome user agent, but works with the Firefox one. Strange... especially considering that the browser is built on Chrome. Wonder if Google is trying to force everyone under Chrome

    --Edit 2--
    I started trying on other websites with the extension off, and it appears that Google websites are giving me this error, no other website is giving me this issue.

  • @novaviper If you asked google about this they would tell you that they're doing it to keep people browsing the net safe.

    It also happens to be the case that yes, it is definitely in google's best interests to convince people to switch to using their browser, even if that means putting scary messages on their pages or blocking access to their sites. It doesn't help them that people use Vivaldi or other web browsers, so why should they care?

    It's also a sad state of affairs that they mention firefox as the only other supported alternative, and I highly suspect the only reason they did that was because the European Union (quite rightly) has a habit of attacking companies that attempt to monopolise.

    There's no real way around this unfortunately.

  • I think I found something that could help.. Someone mentioned changing the user agent through the command lines. Im going to try this and see if it works

  • Better than a script is to use a user agent switch, with this you can 'disguise' with the browser you want.
    I use this one, which works great on Google services

    Apart from this, I have noticed that although GDrive gives the warning that Vivaldi is not compatible, closing this warning, if GDrive works without problems, which is logical. Sure is just that they see their Chrome in danger with Vivaldi that has become an uncomfortable competitor

  • I think it's safe to say that Google didn't appreciate Jon's September 4th blog post. He's grabbed the devil by the tail and they are going to make him pay for it.

  • @catweazle Yeah, I've tried using the command line but it doesn't to work for me at all. I'm using the Google User agent switcher and it works pretty well, especially with that per-site-based switching.

    @chrisvio Right, and I've tried all of the Vivaldi agents and they do not work.. sounds fishy

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