Google Allo for web not functioning after updating Vivaldi to 1.12.955.36

  • This morning I updated Vivaldi to 1.12.955.36, when navigating to I am redirected to a page displaying:

    Google Allo
    Almost there! Just visit in your Chrome browser.
    Don't have Chrome? GET IT
    Don't have Allo? Install it on Android or iOS.

    Today, prior to updating Vivaldi the website allows me to chat using the web interface for Google Allo functioning correctly, after the Vivaldi update the website seems to realize that I am using Vivaldi instead of Google Chrome.
    I realize that a change in Google Allo could have caused this, however the issue began when updating Vivaldi, so I believe that something in there may be causing it. I've read that Google plans to make Allo compatible with FireFox in the near future, perhaps Vivaldi may be next?

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