Bugs in Spanish translations 1.12

  • Hi, please could somebody, who speaks Spanish, check my report here? https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/21166/error-es-de-traducción-en-1-12-955-36

    I posted in Spanish bug-forum but nobody cares about.

  • @burbuja

    Shortcut Scheme for the Keyboard> Window> 'Print Using the System Dialog'
    Why do the words 'Using, Dialog, System' begin with capital letters? Except the first word - 'Print' all of them must be written in lowercase.

    Shortcut Scheme for Keyboard> Window> 'Show / Hide UI.'
    The word 'interface' is a female, not a masculine, because correctly: 'Show / hide user interface.'
    Dictionary of the Spanish language:

    f. Inform. Connection, physical or logical, between a computer and the user, a peripheral device or a communications link.

    (using English Interface)
    Regarding "Print Using the System Dialog"
    This is the text shown in the Print Dialogue (ctrl-P) where they ARE in lower case as you say.

    Regarding "Show / Hide UI."
    This is different. It is a Toggle, so both Show and Hide should be Upper case.
    Regarding the gender, in English the abbreviation "UI" is used. I do not know the gender of abbrviations but if the spanish translation does not, then I bow to your better knowledge of the language.

    You post was 12 hours ago, I would wait a bit longer for a Spanish user to reply before reporting a bug.

  • @tbgbe Yes, as far as I know, there is no, or no common abbreviation of UI in Spanish, thats why it is used unabbreviated. I refered only to the gender.

    Thank you, could you advice them, please?

  • @burbuja I see you already got a response 👍


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