Systematic crash on quit of v1.12.955.36 on macOS 10.9.5

  • Title says it all: the latest version works quite well while running, but I'm always getting a crash when I quit. Not a serious issue, just annoying…

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    @eb303 That's VERY strange; this has never happened to me ever.

    Do you have any extensions installed and does the crash go away if you disable all of your extensions?

    The other possibility is some minor corruption in your Vivaldi profile. When you Quit Vivaldi, it doesn't actually exit immediately; it performs a number of "housekeeping" tasks to get itself into a good state for the next time that you launch it.

    In your Startup settings, do you have Vivaldi configured to resume your last session? It's also possible that something got corrupted and Vivaldi was unable to save its session state. If this could be the case, my recommendation would be to log out of your web sites, close your tabs, and reconfigure Vivaldi to launch with the Start Page. If the crash goes away, you should be able to go back to resuming your last session.

  • I tried all that, and no luck: I do have some extensions installed, but disabling them didn't make the crash go away. I also had Vivaldi configured to resume my last session. I closed everything, configured it to start on the startup page, but same thing: even after quitting and restarting, I get a crash on quit.
    I did do another test though: I launched Vivaldi on another account on which it had never been launched. And there, everything works fine: no crash on quit. So it does seem to be an issue with a corrupted profile indeed. I'm not too sure how I can clear it on the account that causes the problem without losing everything though…


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