Feature request: touchpad gestures without ALT

  • Hello,

    Using Vivaldi since its start with much joy. But since Windows 10 I think Vivaldi is lacking some essential features when using on a laptop.

    • Smooth touchpad gesture control without the use of the ALT-key

    For example: since Windows 10 Microsoft Edge is improving more and more. For instance: it supports two finger scroll to go to the previous or next page with some nice (macOS Safari looking) effects. Notice: this is only when using a Microsoft Precision Touchpad.

    The feature in Microsoft Edge is much more user friendly than the touchpad gestures in Vivaldi, where using the ALT-key is necessary. I hope this great Microsoft Edge feature will be implemented in Vivaldi, because that's the only reason why I'm using Microsoft Edge more than Vivaldi on my laptop.

  • @gaetanvdlaan You can make a feature request, or see if one already exists, in the main feature requests thread. But before that, I would like to ask: How do you propose that the gestures in Vivaldi be differentiated from regular cursor movements if this were enabled?

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    If you think a feature is useful and missing in Vivaldi, please make a request.

    How to make a feature request for Vivaldi
    If you think your problem can be solved by a missing feature, please add a request at https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/48/features-requests in the corresponding thread for your browser version.
    Add one line in bold as a short title for the feature and 2-3 lines to describe the wanted feature.

  • I'm sorry, looked over that thread! Is it possible to move this topic to that thread by a moderator here?

    About the gestures: it needs to be natural without the use of any key. The current implementation feels like the mouse/touchpad gestures are designed for mouse usage only. This is good when using an external mouse. But when using a Microsoft Precision Touchpad with the build-in mouse/touchpad gestures in Vivaldi, using the ALT-key, is not efficient at all.

    If you try Microsoft Edge (recent build 1703) with a precision touchpad you'll notice the difference. In my case this specific feature is that important to me that I'm using Edge more than Vivaldi. Just because I work a lot on my laptop with no external mouse.

    For your information: I tested a Chrome-extension which tries to make use of the Microsoft Precision Touchpad features. Unfortunately it is not as good and smooth as the implemented solution in Edge, causing me not to use it anymore, but I hope you get the idea.

  • @gaetanvdlaan I understand better now, I think the feature you're looking for would be best described as "Multi-Touch Gesture Support"

  • Yes, indeed! I made a feature request in the correct thread.

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