Vivaldi Crashed due to Profile Error

  • As topic, Vivaldi crashed due to some unknown profile error, and I don't know how to fix it. I enabled the error log and dumped to GitHub Gist with console output. Can someone help me? I'm using version 1.12.955.36, which is the latest stable version I can get.

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    @hartmantam If it's a profile error, just refresh your profile.

  • But I need those extension settings, especially the settings of uBlock Origin.

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    @hartmantam I'm not sure what's triggering your crash but another thing that you can try is to disconnect your network/wi-fi connection, then try restarting Vivaldi. If the crash was triggered by a web page that you visited and you have Vivaldi configured to resume the last session in your Startup settings, restarting Vivaldi without a network connection could prevent the crash from recurring. Hopefully this will allow you to regain control of Vivaldi so that you can export your extension settings and change your Startup settings.

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    @hartmantam If you do need to clean or refresh your profile, back up the entire profile directory first. You also don't necessarily need to restart from scratch and lose everything. Sometimes all that's required to recover is to delete a corrupted file/database (e.g "Top Sites") that's preventing Vivaldi from starting normally.

  • Hi, if you copy your extension folder back reinstall of extension is needed but your settings are stored.

    Cheers, mib

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