Intuitive Speed Dial Folders?

  • It seems to me that speed dial is not intuitive in the sense that it works in the ways that we have come to expect things to work. A quick web search suggests it's not just me.

    My speed dial comes with a folder in it (news sites), but I cannot find a way to create new folders for my own selections in the speed dial window. New folders only seem to exist as separate entities on the speed dial title bar where they are 'better than nothing', but also 'out of sight out of mind'.

    My requests therefore: how do I create a folder in the speed dial page itself and how do I drag and drop (or cut and paste) existing speed dial entries into and out of that folder?

    Further; could some time be spent on making these things intuitive in the browser please:


  • @coracleman said in Intuitive Speed Dial Folders?:

    but I cannot find a way to create new folders for my own selections in the speed dial window.

    @coracleman is now feeling a little bit dumb, as within half an hour of posting this I saw how to do it. However I stand by the basic idea because I did search for it and I did both search the web and the forums before posting without the answer being given. I guess we are used to multiple routes to our goal in computer interfaces.

    The answer, obvious when you see it, is to click on the add bookmark icon which offers a new folder button under the add bookmark dialogue box.

    So now I need to figure out how to move the one I populated that is not in the speed dial page.

  • @coracleman Currently we can't do all the things you mentioned, but i don't properly understand all you wrote. Rather than me launching into a How-To that might be irrelevant if i have misunderstood your objective, i'll first try to clarify your objective. Are you after achieving something like this?


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    @coracleman Use the bookmarks panel to move it from where it is to where you want it.

  • @steffie Yes I think so. Though I'd expect what I call the title bar at the top of the screen to read 'speed dial'. Thanks.

    As I've said I've since discovered how to create a folder in the speed dial and could manually copy and paste URL's into it. I think I'd have spotted the route more quickly if the Add icon were to stay as the first icon rather than the last where it was offscreen for me as it is in your screenshot.

  • @ayespy That has worked thank you and once in the bookmarks it works more or less intuitively as expected which is great. But why are there two of all the preset folders, speed dial, technology, games, news, etc?

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    @coracleman There shouldn't be. Of course if you imported folders of the same names, there will be duplicates.


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