Move web panels with the mouse ???

  • Move web panels with the mouse ???
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    I really need to wait for an answer!!!

  • @voldemar227 Unfortunately, as far as I know, you can't.

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    It has been requested before. I just added it to the feature requests for 1.13

    @pesala said in Feature requests for 1.13:

    Sort Web Panels by Drag and Drop

    Unless you have dozens of panels, it's not hard to sort them manually by copying a web panel address from the right-click menu, deleting the panel, then adding it back at the end of the list.

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  • @pesala said in Move web panels with the mouse ???:

    Unless you have dozens of panels

    Yeah, i know that you have oft repeated this, & your method absolutely works 100% every time. However it really is tedious having to do this [instead of drag & drop], & it acts as a distinct psychological deterrent for lazy cows like me. Dozens, i don't have, but i never have less than one dozen, & currently i have 18. Once again their status, & my needs, have incrementally evolved such that they are no longer in the sequence best suited to my needs... but the aggravation that causes me each day, whilst slowly building, has not yet returned to the "break-even" tipping point of exceeding the aggro involved in the brute-force method. That time will undoubtedly come again sometime soonish, as has happened many previous times since we gained WPs.

    If the Devs truly cared about anthropogenic climate change they'd fix this, so that my incrementally rising body temperature caused by this cyclic psychological distress would no longer contribute to our dangerous global warming. ;-)

    PS: Now i'm additionally stressing-out in the knowledge that instead of writing all this rubbish i could have just got on & rearranged all my WPs again, in maybe half the time this crap took. Life is so unfair.

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    @steffie Or, you could have just upvoted the feature request.

    I repeat it whenever I see the request for sorting panels because many don't know how easy it is to do manually. Of course, if someone constantly adds new panels it's going to be time-consuming, but I venture to suggest that most users don't have that problem.

    Since we don't know how hard this is to code, and what its priority is, it's much better to have a simple workaround while we're waiting.

  • @pesala Oh yes, i know & agree with your logic, that's fine. I just like to weigh in every now & then with my own little flippant countervailing nonsense, partly for levity, but partly also so that the Devs [should they ever manage to glance by here] can also know that whilst we know there's a pragmatic workaround, we're [or I'm] not satisfied with it.

  • Bit offtopic but how did you get WhatsApp Web to work in the WebPanel?

  • @mau What's the problem with it?

  • @luetage Works now :) Before it only displayed me the page of "this is whatsapp blabla". Had to visit the real page it in the browser first.

  • up theme 30/11/2017 Are there any changes ?

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    @gregor said in Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14:

    Ability to change the order/moving of panel icons in panel bar.

  • **Hallelujah! ! !

    Thank you! ! !**

  • @steffie Re that bit of silliness, & now this post , Gaia thanks you [V Devs] from the bottom of its oceans. I'm fairly chuffed too.

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