right click menu keybind ?

  • hello, just i case i missed it,

    is it possible to change thoses keybind ?
    For instance, with firefox i'am very used to somes keybind to display a picture / save as, and saddly that's not the sames one on the vivaldi explorer

    The display picture doesnt ( seem ) to have a shortcut, and save as is "r" but "r" is also used for another option, meaning i cant save with just right click - a key - enter

    thanks ^^

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    @wootwoots Access keys are assigned automatically and are language dependent. In English, it is right-click, v for Save image as..

    0_1506367780735_Save Image As.png

    The context menu (or other menus) cannot be edited yet:

    @pesala said in Feature requests for 1.13:

    Allow Editing of Menus

    Ctrl+Click to save images is also on the first page of the Feature Requests thread already.

  • @wootwoots said in right click menu keybind ?:

    and save as is "r" but "r" is also used for another option,

    That sounds like a (language dependant/translation bug).
    Check that it is true for the latest snapshot ( Vivaldi 1.13.966.3) and if so I would report it giving all details of the context menu error (including language setting) at
    You will receive a reply email with the bug number VB-xxxx (so you track each snapshot announcement until it fixed).

  • yeah, that's because i'am not in english.

    But still, that doesnt change the -issue- since the assigned keys arent the same as the ones i'am used to have with firefox.
    And it turn things quite tedious honestly ^^

    that's why i wanted to know if there was a way to change / edit that.

  • So for now no way to have a way to have the keybind for the right click menu ?

    I would love to have back what i have with firefox, so much handy

  • So, still no way to have a way to change the right click menu keybind ?

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    @wootwoots You clearly don't understand how development works. This is currently one of some 572 feature requests waiting for the developers' attention. Voting for it might increase its chances of getting implemented sooner rather than later, but it probably depends more on how hard or easy it is to do.

    @pesala said in Feature requests

    Allow Editing of Menus

    Link Updated:

  • @wootwoots There is, if you don't mind a bit of work:

    with the free software Autohotkey, you can write a small script that runs in the background and remaps the hotkeys and mouse click combos of nearly every program to your liking. You can also create your own menus.

    These changes can be made specific to Vivaldi, so that they won't interfere with other programs.

    Look around and ask in the Autohotkey user forums: perhaps someone has already solved a similiar problem, and made his code available.

  • @pesala No need to throw out the "u dont understand how developent work"
    But, sure there is without much dobut many things to do. But the right click menu is pretty VERY frequently used. And compare to firefox, the vivaldi one is kinda annoying to use because of unhandy / not setup keybinding.

    All honestly, i barely use vivaldi just because of that despite many very nice quality. ( tho and bc firefox have extension i cannot have with chrome )

    @sawo Well nope.
    autokey wont solve anything. because somes function in the right click menu just dont have keybind.
    And somes functions share the same keybind.. which is kinda annoying ^^

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    @wootwoots said in right click menu keybind ?:

    No need to throw out the "u dont understand how developent work"

    Yes, there is a need to point this out if someone repeats the same feature request several times in six months asking why it is not fixed yet.

    The small team of developers (currently 43 staff altogether, not just devs), cannot possibly fix everything in a year, let alone in six months.

    If you understood this, you would just wait or look for a work-around.

    I looked at Firefox, but don't see any way to edit the Access Keys. Perhaps you know some method? Firefox has been under development for much longer than Vivaldi. The menu access keys are clearly hard-wired, and not assigned automatically as in Vivaldi.


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