right click menu keybind ?

  • hello, just i case i missed it,

    is it possible to change thoses keybind ?
    For instance, with firefox i'am very used to somes keybind to display a picture / save as, and saddly that's not the sames one on the vivaldi explorer

    The display picture doesnt ( seem ) to have a shortcut, and save as is "r" but "r" is also used for another option, meaning i cant save with just right click - a key - enter

    thanks ^^

  • @wootwoots Access keys are assigned automatically and are language dependent. In English, it is right-click, v for Save image as..

    0_1506367780735_Save Image As.png

    The context menu (or other menus) cannot be edited yet:

    @pesala said in Feature requests for 1.13:

    Allow Editing of Menus

    Ctrl+Click to save images is also on the first page of the Feature Requests thread already.

  • @wootwoots said in right click menu keybind ?:

    and save as is "r" but "r" is also used for another option,

    That sounds like a (language dependant/translation bug).
    Check that it is true for the latest snapshot ( Vivaldi 1.13.966.3) and if so I would report it giving all details of the context menu error (including language setting) at
    You will receive a reply email with the bug number VB-xxxx (so you track each snapshot announcement until it fixed).

  • yeah, that's because i'am not in english.

    But still, that doesnt change the -issue- since the assigned keys arent the same as the ones i'am used to have with firefox.
    And it turn things quite tedious honestly ^^

    that's why i wanted to know if there was a way to change / edit that.

  • So for now no way to have a way to have the keybind for the right click menu ?

    I would love to have back what i have with firefox, so much handy

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