• Frisch entdeckt auf Changelog: VB-4066: Freeze and Crash-Team Blog VB-3172: Dual Vivaldi icons in taskbar- Standalone Install VB-2574: Option to turn off google Safe browsing VB-2874: Translation issue: label "username" overlaps "user" VB-3362: Opening add bookmark with no search field breaks VB-3377: Bookmark tree branches - expand VB-3416: Highlighted bookmarks' folder VB-3725: Better spatnav focus indicator VB-3857: Activating full screen on a video takes 5+ seconds VB-3887: Can't open settings window more than once per session VB-3923: C++ <-> Javascript communication channel for Vivaldi UI VB-3949: Pinned tab size in vertically positioned tab bar VB-1463: Rewind - Unexpected results VB-3717: Spat nav highlights certain elements when clicking with mouse VB-4010: Regression : Missing text input VB-3671: Geolocation message duplicates VB-4062: Spatial navigation should focus images inside links VB-4057: Vivaldi crashes on geolocation VB-4083: Can't set the technical preview as default browser on ubuntu VB-1534: External links open in Chrome on Mac VB-3826: Setting to control autocomplete in address field VB-4090: Folders in the speed dial won't open VB-3945: Fast forward not working correctly on Facebook VB-3976: Tab tooltip is not visible when the tabs position is set to bottom VB-4025: Tooltip for a group of tabs displayed not in the right place VB-1874: Tab group tooltip has a poor layout VB-1831: Tooltip animation is gone VB-1856: Tab tooltips are always shown below tabs ignoring tab bar placement VB-4082: Delay before preview when hovering over tab stacks is too long VB-1266: Tooltip gets cropped off screen when in fullscreen


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