Address Bar - Popup Menu when typing new address

  • When typing a new address, Address Bar Dropdown Menu does not show up with the new link to click on to Visit.

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    Do you have the address bar dropdown enabled in settings?

  • Yes, address bar dropdown is enabled in settings. It has Show Bookmarks and Show History checked. Dropdown menu is activating for these 2, when typing a previous visited address or a link already in bookmarks. The Dropdown menu is not showing when a new address is typed. Like in other browsers, when typing a new address, the Dropdown menu should have the new typed address with text Visit on the right side to click on it.

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    @rickmve Yes it should, if you have search suggestions enabled, and if the search suggest URL is entered in its appropriate space in your Search settings. You must do this manually for any custom search engines you add, and if you select Google or one of the other engines for which Vivaldi is not permitted to ship with the suggest URL pre-filled.

  • This is not for the search link in the Dropdown menu. Link for Search shows in the menu. The new typed address is not showing as first option in the Dropdown menu.
    Compare the 2 pics: first Vivaldi and second Chrome, or Mozilla is the same, new address shows first option in the Dropdown menu:

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