How to disable autofill in text boxes?

  • Add option in settings to disable autofill in text boxes on pages.
    Not only disable displaying but also make Vivaldi not record everything.
    Currently it's only possible by hacking through Chrome settings.

  • Moderator

    @hondac chrome://settings and search the term autofill

  • 'Autofill' gives me no results.

    When it will be normal option in Vivaldi settings?

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    @hondac Don't know. But if autofill gives you no results (it certainly does here) the just enter "auto" in the search box. But MAKE SURE you are going to chrome://settings . DO NOT copy and paste the address in the address bar. Type it in. Ensure you are not going to vivaldi://settings (even when you are in the chrome underlayer, it will still say "vivaldi" in the address bar.)

    Also, when I say search the term, I'm talking about using the search box at the top of the page, not ctrl+f.

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