Plasma5 thinks Vivaldi is GTK...?

  • Hello. This has puzzled me for quite a while, but only now have i thought to ask about it. How does/should Vivaldi [SS & Stable] identify itself to the KDE Plasma5 Desktop Environment; as a Qt pgm, or a GTK pgm? My oS TW P5 seems to think that V is GTK, which i didn't expect ... not saying right or wrong here, just trying to understand.

    Some pics to better explain [the key here is, from my Settings, Yellow iconography (including cursors/pointers) for Qt, white for GTK]:

    All native P5 pgms are Qt-based, hence yellow is correct:




    Conversely Thunderbird is a GTK-based pgm [GTK3, i think], & so white is correct:

    But WHAT is Vivaldi; is white appropriate here, ie, GTK?

  • Perhaps neither?

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