Site Thinks I am using Chrome 27.0 - Should I Report This as a Bug?

  • I use online banking, and the site is displaying this message:


    Apparently, they think I am using Chrome 27.0 and keep prompting me to upgrade to the latest version or to one of the other browsers. Should I report this as a bug? Where would I do that?

    Thanks for your help, Christine 🙂

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    @criverajc That would be a site bug - not a browser bug. First of all, they are sniffing, which they should not do and second, they are sniffing WRONG because the browser, if not detected as Vivaldi, should be detected as Chrome 61.

    Unless, you are using Windows XP, in which case we can't help you with version numbers.

  • I got the above message once, but I routinely get this one:


    Apparently that one time they thought I had an older version of Chrome, but usually I get the message saying "the browser you're using will not be supported."


  • @ayespy Thanks for the info. I'm using Windows 10.

    I added the following to the Target field for my Vivaldi shortcut, and it seems to do the trick: --user-agent="Chrome/61"

    I agree, they should not be sniffing. 🙂

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    @criverajc You can use extension user agent switcher for this, easier than fiddling with command line switches.

  • @gwen-dragon Thanks. I did look at that, but if I can do it without an extension, I'd prefer that. I only needed to put the command line parameter in once into my shortcut. Now, the shortcut automatically uses it each time I start Vivaldi.

    The extension is good to have, though, for testing different browsers. 🙂

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