Typed History Bug?

  • So since the last update my Typed History show me stuff 2 or 3 times.


    is this a bug or a feature?

  • In case of Google searches via context menu or search box yes, even 3 entries for each searches, doesn't happen on other search engines so far.
    It's also causing the history in the address bar dropdown to display the highlighted row wrongly while scrolling down, the only way to make it work correctly is to manually delete all the double entries.
    It has been discussed also here

  • So wait for a fix then.

  • Not related to what your talking about but I reported another a bug about typed history: (VB-33007) search history end up in address typed history.

    Basically, with address bar separate from search field (and even with all search-relevant settings disabled, like search in address field), type anything in the search field and it will now appear in the address typed history as well. It didn't work like that in 1.11 and is not needed as search field has its own history, which
    I can access with its own dropdown if I want that search term. Could not find any setting to disable it either in case it was a new feature.

    Another behavior change I noticed when I compared to 1.11 is that if you have search in address field disabled, in 1.11 if you typed something that did not resolve, it would still appear in address typed history. In 1.12 it seems that it need to resolve to appear in typed history (so wouldn't appear). I was pretty confused at first but didn't report it as a bug as it's not like I think it was very useful, but technically I myself prefered the behavior of 1.11 as there might be a remote possibility I want it and I'm fine clearing them by hand if I do not (not like it happen often anyway).

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    @n1ckp said in Typed History Bug?:


    All such bugs are now: VB-32159 "Searches made on search field end up in address field typed history"


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