What happened to my browser setup?

  • I finished setting up my browser just the way I wanted it, including a pot full of speed dial sites.
    I came in this evening, started the computer, called up the Vivaldi browser and it opens up to a blank light blue page. No speed dial, nothing.
    All of my hard work seems to have disappeared.
    I am not a happy camper.
    Any suggestions?

  • @j-r-j If you click open the bookmarks panel, can you see if your bookmarks are still there (speed dials are just bookmark folders that have a special property set)

  • Thanks for the reply. I did that and sad to say there is nothing there. I worked long and hard to get things set up. This is a real disappointment to me.

  • There is a file called bookmark.bak in your default folder. You can find out where this folder is located by visiting vivaldi://about/. This file could potentially still contain your original bookmarks, including speed dials.

    Close Vivaldi. Rename the file called bookmarks and copy it to a location outside of the Vivaldi support folders. Rename the file bookmarks.bak to bookmarks. Start Vivaldi and check if it helped.

    In any case always backup your bookmarks by exporting them to html. Then you are on the safe side.

  • Again, thank you for the reply.
    I checked that location and there is nothing there concerning my setup. (As far as I can tell.)

  • No file named Bookmarks? No Preferences?

    Of course the next question is, is "james" the username you were using when you set it up, or did you log in with a different username today?

  • Use the Profile Path in your picture, the directory it leads to is named 'Default'.

  • @luetage Everything is gone, gone gone. No profile picture, no bookmarks, no downloads, no history, nothing but a light blue page completely empty.!0_1506317105203_Capture.PNG
    I may just start over but for now, I can't use Vivaldi as my prime browser. I may have, no make that, I probably was the cause of this fiasco, but since I don't know what I did, I can't take a chance on doing it again. I'll just play with it for awhile and see what I can dig out. I really like the browser!
    Thanks for the replies. I'll keep checking back to see if some genius has discovered what button I pushed that I shouldn't have.:)
    Again thanks everybody.

  • As said, you just gotta export your bookmarks to html, then you can always import them if something goes wrong. Making backups is never a bad idea.

  • As an alternative to backing up your bookmarks [only] by exporting them to an html file as advised, you might consider periodically copying your entire profile folder "Default", as per your:

    The browser should not have given you that weird blue wipeout [duh], but bad things do happen occasionally [i don't just mean to V alone], & if you always have a reasonably current duplicate of your profile, you can easily recover not only bookmarks [with speeddials], but also notes, history, favicons, custom dictionary etc.

    Specifically wrt your recent apparent loss, i wonder if maybe you either shutdown, suspended or hibernated your pc whilst V was still writing files? Personally i find this default setting immensely irritating [it's from Chromium not Vivaldi] & always disable it, but if you didn't know of it, yours would still be On... leaving you potentially vulnerable i suspect:
    vivaldi://settings --> scroll to very bottom [in "Advanced" section...


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