New to SAS - need help getting started.?

  • I have been enrolled in an expensive training program from the SAS Training Institute. One of the first parts of the training asks me to install files from a zip file. "Open SAS" and run some files. I can't "open SAS" because I don't have it. It is embedded on the mainframe.

    They provide some extremely limited instructions to work in z/OS. but I can't even figure out the basics like how to make a dataset to put the learning file into. They really give no guidance. They assume you already know how to use SAS.
    Anyway, the training shows examples in Windows using SAS Enterprise Guide. I would like to get that and use it instead, at least for learning the SAS language. But when I called SAS just to find out if that is a free download, or if not how much it would cost, they said they would call me back and never did. So I just want to know a ballpark for how much it would cost me to get this tool. Also, if I had that tool, would I be able to use it to access the jobs on the Base SAS that I already have (on the mainframe) or would I have to purchase another Base SAS training for Windows? I haven't been able to find answers to these questions via a Google search, and the SAS company didn't call me back. Can anyone with more knowledge about this help me out.?

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    @emmablisa Interesting question to ask in ENGLISH on the RUSSIAN forum, in a community that has nothing to do with anything other than the Vivaldi browser. Hope you find your help. But if you don't, the cause may be that you looked under a street light for a banknote that you had lost in a dark alley, because the light was better where you were looking, than it was where the note was lost.

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    @gwen-dragon Ah. Good choice.

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