What has happened to the built-in PDF viewer?

  • Since the update:
    The built in pdf viewer has disappeared, where is the link to restoring it? I tried looking for a solution and everything talks about 'chrome setting' but there is no mention of this on the Vivaldi Menu

  • @joamie You say not to mention settings, but it's in there. I'm looking at the option right now:


    Search for "pdf" and it will be there.

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    @joamie There appears to be something wrong with your keyboard. This is the second topic where your caps lock got stuck, and now your keys appear to be spitting out angry and combative verbiage rather than being polite and respectful as required by the terms of use of the forums. I fixed it for you, and you're welcome.

    The changes you seem to have been experiencing on update are not seen elsewhere. Would you be willing to help us understand what is unique about your setup?

  • Chrome://settings exist and many of us saw/see them. Just type chrome://settings/ in your address bar and press "enter" (and bookmark that page, just in case).

  • @hlehyaric Even better, it's responsively designed, so you can add it as a web panel and it works really well.

  • @lonm Thanks for the tip.

  • @lonm
    Thank you for your suggestion,
    I typed in pdf as you suggested and the same screen came up as your snapshot showed, the only thing is it does not work for me, but thank for your advice

  • @ayespy
    Thank you, again please note that I was not 'shouting' my education taught me that heading should be in Capital Letters, I don't apologise for that but I do note that the lack of correct grammar is sadly lacking in some circles. I will note that for your rules of compliance I need not follow proper grammar in future.

    As to the problem with the pdf viewer the fact remain that when I click for this action nothing happens. If I use a different browser then I have no problem.

  • @hlehyaric
    Thank you for your suggestion.

    When I type exactly what you suggest in my address bar I get a load of questions informing me to Open Chrome. I am not computer literate and cannot understand why I now have to Open Chrome to make Vivaldi work. Am I missing something?

  • @joamie Some settings (especially content settings) have to be found in chrome://settings and not in vivaldi://settings as you should expect, because Vivaldi is based on Chromium/Chrome. Hence that oddity. Unfortunately, I can't explain it thoroughly, I don't have the skills or knowledge, I'm just an average user.


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