Problem watching videos with ads

  • When I try to watch videos from a certain website that redirects me via popup from the video url. If the video has ads when you press play, the popup page turns blank.

    You can try in this url:
    http://www(put dot)g1novelas(put dot)org/assistir-a-fazenda-nova-chance-19-09-2017-episodio-8/
    This page will appear, 1st click on PLAY 4 720P and after press the PLAY BUTTON.

    A popup will appear, just press the play button and the blank page will appear because of the ads.

    When it happens, I open the link in another tab and then I can watch the video. But it is very anoying.

  • And your question to Vivaldi is? To support better a pirate site with lots of questionable ads and popups? :D
    Anyway, the site becomes usable if you're armed with uBlock Origin + uBlock Protector (anti-anti-adblocker)

  • Even after modifying the URL as you suggested to I get an error message and cannot access the site.

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