Placing any new tab alongside open tab

  • How to place DEFAULT any new tab alongside, and not replacing an already open tab?

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    @tomaso A new tab should never replace an existing tab. In fact, as far as I know, it cannot do so. To place any new tab next to your active tab, merely activate that option in menu/tools/settings/tabs/new tab position ⦿After Active Tab.

  • @ayespy, thank you and I understand your reply and am aware one can do so by preceding with the "+"icon every time. I thought one could set it up so it would always default to a new position rather than replacing the old one - unless one were to de-activate the default..

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    @tomaso You mean open each new tab one position farther away from the active one than the last new tab you opened? That strikes me as very difficult to code. Already, you can set any new tab to open as the last tab - which if you were dealing only with newly opened tabs, would have the same effect.

  • @ayespy Exactly - seems I was able to do that previously with this or another browser. But, I did try your suggestion of changing the setting for new tabs AFTER the open tab , but that didn't seem to work. It still appeared IN PLACE of the already open tab.

  • @ayespy. With respect, we seem to be at an impasse. As I wrote in my last response, I did try your suggestion of placing in the settings menu, a new tab AFTER the currently open tab and it never does that. It always replaces the existing tab - and that's what I find so frustrating. Perhaps there is another tab setting that I made in error that makes this happen. If so, I would be glad to hear of it. Phigaro.

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    @tomaso Did you try setting as last tab?

  • @ayespy Thank you again for staying with me. I found the problem on my own this morning by comparing all the settings with another computer also running Vivaldi browser. I found that under the "Bookmark Settings" the "Open bookmarks in new tab" had become unclicked. That's what was doing it and now it's working again in a proper manner. Again, thanks for trying to help. Appreciate it. tomaso

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    @tomaso AHA! The missing bit of info. You were talking about opening a BOOKMARK in a new tab this whole time. Thank you for clearing that up.

  • @ayespy However --- when not using a URL from my bookmarks but put in something from memory, or other source, it does not go next to an open one but, again, replaces it. Even though new tab position is set as "Last Tab" or "After Active Tab." That doesn't feel that normal, or should. What sayest thou?

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    @tomaso Vivaldi (and any other browser I have ever used) does not open a new tab from address bar input. It simply goes to to new address within whatever tab is currently active. However, one CAN open a new tab from the address bar by using alt+click on said address. One can also open a new tab from a link by using middle-click or by several other methods.

  • @tomaso Don't get confused by the terminology.
    A TAB is a part of the Browser (or other program) User Interface (UI).
    A PAGE (or webpage) is the content provided from an external source (which can be the user when typing a letter/CV etc).

    For a browser, users wishing to open a PAGE can (usually) choose whether to open that page in the current TAB or in a new TAB (such as using browser settings, keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures).

    So, for bookmarks there is a Vivaldi setting ( Tools/Settings/Bookmarks ) to choose New TAB or not.
    When typing in the Address Bar (URL Bar) you could use keyboard shortcut as described by @Ayespy .

    When clicking on links on a PAGE, you usually just click (with the left button) to choose the same TAB -
    although some pages are actually encoded to open links in a new TAB every time.
    So you can use the context menu (right click on link) or mouse gesture, specifically to choose whether the new TAB (showing the new PAGE) should open in foreground or background.

    Then you use the browser settings ( Tools/Settings/Tabs ) to choose where the new TAB should be positioned.

  • @tbgbe Thank you for your thoughtful and thorough explanations. I shall digest and value them.

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