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    @BlackDaug Living in the mediterrain Europe, drinking vine, lying under the pines 🌲, eating french cheese, munching a baguette .... these old days.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Did you find that particular scissors that snips a baguette like it was chive or parsley?

  • @Ornorm Like chive or parsley floating on a sauce like ships on the ocean?

  • @hlehyaric
    Lisps make it hard to thay thipth.....or even thay lithp.🤪

  • Just try not to spill that sauce on the ship's deck!

  • @sgunhouse Do you also participate to the Vivaldi Friday polls?

  • @sgunhouse
    Trust you to spoil my fun,
    was about to post he "spilt" the rum. 🥃 ☠

  • @CantankRus We're creating infinite loops here 😉

  • Well, just take a seat on this stool here while we find something new.

  • @sgunhouse Something new? I'm aware someone plots to reach the 100th page of this game.

  • @Ornorm I thought some users wanted to split the thread.

  • @hlehyaric The one who tilts?

  • @Ornorm The one wearing kilts.

  • So... who wants to help with the skits at the Christmas show next week?

  • Hello Erikaray and All
    The bartender
    either shakes
    or stirs.
    What stirs? What's stirring?

    • Guy walks into a bar. ouch.
    • An Oxford comma walks into a bar where it spends the evening watching the television, getting drunk, and smoking cigars.
    • A dangling participle walks into a bar. Enjoying a cocktail and chatting with the bartender, the evening passes pleasantly.
    • A bar was walked into by the passive voice.
    • An oxymoron walked into a bar, and the silence was deafening.
    • Two quotation marks walk into a “bar.”
    • A malapropism walks into a bar, looking for all intensive purposes like a wolf in cheap clothing, muttering epitaphs and casting dispersions on his magnificent other, who takes him for granite.
    • Hyperbole totally rips into this insane bar and absolutely destroys everything.
    • A question mark walks into a bar?
    • A non sequitur walks into a bar. In a strong wind, even turkeys can fly.
    • Papyrus and Comic Sans walk into a bar. The bartender says, "Get out -- we don't serve your type."
    • A mixed metaphor walks into a bar, seeing the handwriting on the wall but hoping to nip it in the bud.
    • A comma splice walks into a bar, it has a drink and then leaves.
    • Three intransitive verbs walk into a bar. They sit. They converse. They depart.
    • A synonym strolls into a tavern.
    • At the end of the day, a cliché walks into a bar -- fresh as a daisy, cute as a button, and sharp as a tack.
    • A run-on sentence walks into a bar it starts flirting. With a cute little sentence fragment.
    • Falling slowly, softly falling, the chiasmus collapses to the bar floor.
    • A figure of speech literally walks into a bar and ends up getting figuratively hammered.
    • An allusion walks into a bar, despite the fact that alcohol is its Achilles heel.
    • The subjunctive would have walked into a bar, had it only known.
    • A misplaced modifier walks into a bar owned a man with a glass eye named Ralph.
    • The past, present, and future walked into a bar. It was tense.
    • A dyslexic walks into a bra.
    • A verb walks into a bar, sees a beautiful noun, and suggests they conjugate. The noun declines.
    • A simile walks into a bar, as parched as a desert.
    • A gerund and an infinitive walk into a bar, drinking to forget.
    • A hyphenated word and a non-hyphenated word walk into a bar and the bartender nearly chokes on the irony.

  • @i_ri Really nice one!
    ... but quite disappointing that nothing related to strip-tease found its place into the bar you describe.

  • @Ornorm Maybe there's a strap in this bar that prevents anyone from stripping down?

  • hello everyone
    Some bar patrons like stock-tips with their cocktails, some patrons like to play darts with their beer, and peanuts, here we go again, then other patrons strip.. Ornorm i like how you think.

  • If you're trying to start something... I don't play darts with my beer - it could probably beat me!

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