Colors displaying incorrectly

  • For some reason Vivaldi seems to be displaying colours incorrectly, When compared with Opera (or any other browser), the colours in Vivaldi seem to be muted. I've looked through the settings, and I can't find anything that might be causing this. I'm currently using the 1.13 beta, but the situation is the same in 1.12.

    Screenshot below of Opera (left) vs Vivaldi; Colours are correct in Opera... I missing something


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    Can you please give me the URL to the image?

    Looks like Vivaldi uses wrong color profile (or graphics card uses wrong color lookup table).
    Perhaps this helps:
    Open vivaldi://flags/#enable-color-correct-rendering
    Set to Disable
    Restart Vivaldi

  • @gwen-dragon In my case after disable Color correct rendering works right. Thanks.

  • Hi Gwen, and Lachky
    Thank you both for you replies - apologies for not responding sooner, but have been rather busy.

    Gwen - the #enable-color-correct-rendering was indeed the issue. Disabling this has fixed the problem. Interestingly, this is also the case in Opera, and Chrome (all based on Chromium of course). Essentially the colour displayed in with this setting enabled is actually wrong. I've I take a colour sample from the web page displayed in the browser, it is very different from the colour set in the css of the website.

    Many thanks again for your feedback - much appreciated.

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    Perhaps the color correction code in such Chromium-like browsers is not really tested enough.
    But the workaround of disabling the flag solved it always.

  • I switched to Vivaldi 1.13 just few days ago, before I still use older version (1.9.818.50) because all newer versions don't work with my Wacom tablet properly. But I find how to fix this problem, so now I start using Vivaldi beta again. In version 1.9.818.50 the colors are correct also without disable vivaldi://flags/#enable-color-correct-rendering. (I am Windows user with Adobe RGB profile)

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