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  • Greetings,
    I am just getting started with the Vivaldi browser.
    I like using the speed dial but had an incident with it that confused me.
    I had the speed dial all set up with the different web sites and did something to erase them all.
    I don't know what I did, so I am asking if anyone can tell me what actions would erase the speed dial.
    Hopefully, I won't do the same thing again, whatever it was.
    Thank for reading

  • Moderator

    Have a look in your Bookmarks, there should be one folder named Speed Dial (folder icon with some rectangles on it).
    And at the right (the property of the folder) should be selected "Speed Dial" to show up as Speed Dial.

    And please check the trash if you have not deleted Spped Dial accidentally, you can drop it out of trash .

  • May good fortune fall upon you, may your coffers be over-filled with jewels, gold, and other valuable trinkets.

    Okay, thank you, I have it straightened out now. I do appreciate you quick and workable answer. :)

    For some reason I am having a bit of trouble navigating around the browser. And I am far from new to the computer world. Maybe my old brain is beginning to give it up?

    Anyway, thanks again.

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