Notes: Auto display on page load that matches URL

  • I thought I read in a blog that Vivaldi will display notes in the side bar that were written when the page was displayed.
    However this does not appear to be the case. The notes sidebar doesn't change as I switch tabs.
    This was the one feature I was willing to switch without a second thought. Having integrated notes that I can write up while on the page, that I can refer back to when loading that page up again. ie "Remember to check the feature request"
    Or on "list of items to buy". or on "remember to buy 10 of these"
    etc. Looking to not need to remember thoughts i had when on the same page.
    Currently using Chrome extension on chrome to have notes. Its yucky but it works. Looking for integration.
    If the same note is displayed on page load, you have a convert! until then. back to chrome.

  • I haven't used notes in V yet, in Presto what happened was an icon was displayed in the address bar (like the bookmark icon changes colors if a site is already bookmarked).

    Conceivably you could have more than one note from the same page - what would it do then?

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    If you copy some text to a note, you can return to the page by double-clicking the note in the Notes Panel.

    You can edit the notes to add more descriptive text as you wish, and rename the title by clicking on it.

    0_1506070768715_Return to Note.png

  • @pesala So it works to go from Notes > page. I agree with the OP that it would be nice to go from Page > notes. In other words, if the notes panel would recognize a matching page/domain and automatically display those notes.


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