Problem for using hot keys to switch tabs between webpage and pdf

  • Hello everybody, I found a question when I use hot keys.
    I set ctrl+ left and right to switch tabs.
    Suppose I take 2 tabs, one for webpage and the other for reading pdf file.
    I can switch tab from webpage to pdf
    but I cannot switch back.(from pdf and other text file types to webpage)

    Does there existing any solve for this problem ?
    Or any one can give me with some keywords or reference about this problem?

    Thanks you

  • Moderator

    Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDwn works for me for tab switching on 1.12 Stable.

    Can confirm your issue.
    Bug reported as VB-33019 "Ctrl+← and Ctrl+→ fail for tab switching if tab is a PDF view"


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