File Size

  • Hi, I just downloaded the exe file but the size is large ie 35MB. Can you guys decrease the exe to below 10 MB? Thanks

  • That represents a major compression for an installer code package. What's the specific reason you need it under 10 Mb?

  • When it is more stable, there are plans to compress it … but I doubt it'll be any smaller than other Chromium-based browsers. As in, the latest Opera Stable is listed as 32627432 (31.1 MB) for the full installer, so I don't expect Vivaldi to be much less than that.

  • I'm actually expecting Vivaldi to have a 50-60mb installer when stable comes in. Considering all those features packed in and not to mention having mail there as well.

  • I just checked my download collections for Opera and compared them to the download sizes so far for Vivaldi.

    Opera installer sizes up through version 12.xx was under 14.5 mb. When Opera switched code to Chrome with version 15.xx the installer size jumped to 30+ mb.

    As Vivaldi uses Chrome for its basic code, it is running from 37 mb to 42 mb. It seems as though the controlling factor for the installer size is the underlying code. I don't think there is any way that the installer can be reduced to 10 mb or so.


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