Customizable Rocker Gestures

  • Re: Feature requests for 1.13

    This is a feature request to allow rocker gesture to do just another thing:

    1. cycle to previous and next tab (by order).


    • The equivalent keyboard shortcut is Ctrl-Alt-Left/Right. On laptop this shortcut is very useful, but not on PC while using mouse at the same time.

    • Previously somebody suggested that I do right-click hold and scroll instead, but that's no good for me because it is very easy to miss the nearby tabs (only useful to navigate through large number of tabs).

    I already requested this feature in 1.12. Hope the devs will read this and I can see it in 1.13.

    ('^') strive to be lazy ('^')

  • @areriff said in Customizable Rocker Gestures:

    Hope the devs will read this

    Vote for it in Feature requests for 1.13:

    Customizable Rocker Gestures

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