[Suggestion] Add different Wallpapers for each Scheduled Theme

  • 0_1506011298739_Captura 09-21-17 at 01.11 PM.PNG

    That programming of different types of colored themes for the Vivaldi interface is a hand in the wheel for many people is very true! But have you ever thought about the possibility of adding in the Speed Dial for each custom theme a different wallpaper, as if it were a type of live wallpaper that we do on smartphones?

    I don't know about you ladies and gentlemen, but I would find it really cool you can program a wallpaper with a sunrise during the morning for my Speed Dial, a wallpaper with a sunset for the late afternoon and a beautiful wallpaper with a night on the town with all the lights on to complete my day using this browser!

    What you guys and girls think? Another good Feature Request, huh? 🙂


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