Tab crashes when viewing Cyanide & Happiness Kickstarter

  • I'm just wondering if I stumbled upon a bug. When I visit the Kickstarter page for the Cyanide & Happiness game, the tab will crash after a few seconds. That is, it shows the picture of the dead bird.

    This happened in the previous 1.11 version and the current 1.12. Does this happen for other people as well?

  • Nice, C&H game! :D

    No, here video plays fine.
    Did you tried to disable extensions?

  • Hi,

    Just chiming in as another Linux user to say this works fine for me too. I'm running Vivaldi 1.12.955.36 64-bit on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS x64, with my only installed extension being Adblock Plus 1.13.3.

  • That tab crashes for me as well (don't even have to click play on the video!!).

    Vivaldi 1.13.966.3 (Official Build) snapshot (64-bit) on Linux Mint 18.2

    Tried with Ublock enabled AND with it disabled!?
    And then with Privacy Badger disabled as well, still crashed.

    (If relevant my chromium ffmpeg package updated earlier to day. )

  • Yeah, I just tried it without any extensions enabled and it still crashes. I only have "HTTPS Everywhere" and "Disconnect". And yeah, I don't have to click anywhere either, just wait and poof!

    I have the same OS and browser version as @drysdalk too so that's weird. Any logs somewhere that I can check or upload?

  • Hi, does not crash and video play fine on:

    Opensuse Leap 42.3 x86_64
    CPU Intel T4200 4 GB
    GPU Intel GN 965
    xf86-video-intel 2.99.917-6.1
    Vivaldi latest snapshot 1.13.966.3

    How do you open the tab, I´ll do it with middle mouse click.

    Cheers, mib
    Also work with other methods.

  • I click on the banner at

    I started Vivaldi from the command line this time and the output is:

    [17286:17323:0925/] Connection InterfaceProviderSpec prevented service: content_plugin from binding interface: memory_instrumentation::mojom::Coordinator exposed by: content_browser
    [WARNING:flash/platform/pepper/pep_module.cpp(63)] SANDBOXED
    [1:1:0925/] Out of memory.

    Out of memory is kind of funny since I have 24 GB or RAM here and I don't see a memory spike while loading the page.

  • Hmm, the tab crashes for me too as soon as I click to play the video, OR scroll down lower in the page. Actually just sitting on the page for 3-5 seconds without clicking anything crashes the tab. The kickstarter link in the first post, I mean.

    That's the first time Vivaldi has malfunctioned for me since I've been using it full time (6 months or so now)... and I have been to my share of crappy sites.

  • What version of Vivaldi are you using? That's the question here.

  • Confirmed with;

    Tab crash (black screen + hang over bird) few seconds after the page finish loading
    This page also "Aw, Snap!" in Google Chrome Stable 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit). Both browsers Loading animation just keep continue before the crash.
    Firefox just fine.
    My 1st suspect, server site issue.
    2nd suspect, Chromium internal changes.

    Found workaround.
    Disable images on this site. Yes, no kidding.
    Don't know which image or scripts that deal with image was the cause. Maybe GIF.


    Not sure about what/which banner. Ads banner?
    Didn't met that memory message/issue around this site.
    Interestingly, I met that "].. message on kickstarter site instead.

    Vivaldi 1.12.955.38 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    Linux/Debian sid amd64
    No Extensions
    A bit non default Vivaldi settings
    A bit non default Chromium settings

  • Probably not a server issue. Site works on snapshot. So if everyone who experiences these issues is on stable, this can be fixed with a simple update to Vivaldi.

  • @luetage
    Because it does also crash on current GChrome stable, then probably 1 of the contents?

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