Vivaldi, Thank You For Fixing the Sign-In Bug!

  • :tone1: :crown: You guys were very prompt. I have been able to join after several attempts because you simplified and streamlined the log-in procedure. Thank you. Catnip.

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    About which bug do you talk? Fixed with which Vivaldi version?

  • @gwen-dragon said in Vivaldi, Thank You For Fixing the Sign-In Bug!:

    About which bug do you talk? Fixed with which Vivaldi version?

    I believe he is referring to the Vivaldi forum login.
    Welcome @Catnip :smile_cat:

  • @gwen-dragon I'm referring to Vivaldi 1.11. It had too many CAPTCHAs. The final CAPTCHA did not appear, nullifying the whole process. At the same time, the Vivaldi system captured the email address, so that, though not registered properly, I still couldn't reuse my email id to go through the process again.

    I must mention that with the current version I get a "something went wrong with the authentication process" notice, but then I'm logged in, after all.

  • @tbgbe

    Hello there tbgbe. Came across another li'l bug just now, if it is one. The Zoom In/Out bar greyed out, and search bars and fonts have become tiny Hard to read. I tried the Ctrl + 0 and Ctrl + 9 in the View option, but nothing moves.

    Ah, FIXED it. Here is the fix:
    Go to Appearance - User Interface Zoom and click it up to 100%. Voila! Back to normal. Yay!

    By the way: Wonder if Vivaldi will give us a built-in VPN, and allow us to use animated themes behind our thumbnails a la Opera?


  • @tbgbe

    Hello there tbgbe. Nice meeting so many of the Vivaldi community.

    How long have you been using the browser? Me, right from the beginning. I'm one of those people who keep seeing 11, 111 and 1111 quite often, and the version I downloaded was, what else? Vivaldi 1.11, which spooked me not a little. Now using 1.12, and must say they've ironed out quite a few things.

    Okies, is all for now, and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Thanks so much for Upvoting me! Awfully kind of you. I guess its the equivalent of the Heart Favourite and the Retweet in Twitter.


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