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  • Supposedly the Blog Comments Notifications problem has been fixed. I'll eventually verify if that's true later on today. Now ... IF the Blog Comments Notifications problem HAS really been fixed, has the fix eliminated the need for us to check the little Subscribe box down by the New Comment Box? I just noticed now that after I check that box on my posts and then come back later and take a look, the Subscribe box isn't checked anymore. What's going on? I don't know how many people will agree, but in my opinion, the Blog Comments Notifications should be like on MyOpera whereby they are set to Opt Out. The Blog Owner should automatically already be subscribed by default. Then when we comment on Blogs, we should automatically be subscribed. Because this having to manually subscribe to each individual post leaves too much room for forgetting to do so and thus not being aware of comments that have been made. Just like on MyOpera, once one no longer wants to receive Blog Comments Notifications on whichever posts, then simply uncheck those specific posts.

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