IMAP or POP3 mail access

  • Obvious settings (like don't work. Is that intentional? Note that I simply tried the Thunderbird autoconfiguration, which tries quite a few things all by itself. (Yes, I checked out mail because of that mass e-mail.)

  • thank you for reporting this , we are working on this and will reply once it is ready here. And it will also be in the FAQ we will add to the site very shortly

  • Hey buddy here are the imaps settings for

    Server Settings

    Server Type: IMAP Mail Server
    Server Name: Port: 993

    Security Settings
    Connection security: SSL/TLS
    Authentication method: Normal password



  • Thanks for your response. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working for me?

    Edit: incidentally, this message is slightly unhelpful: "Failed to upload file 'screenshot-mail-configuration-12182013-fs8.png': The file size (162050) exceeds the maximum set by the administrator."

    I still don't know what the maximum file size is. 🙂

    Anyhoo, here's the screenshot:

  • Instead of SSL/TLS, try:
    Secure to dedicated port (TLS) if you have that option.

  • That used to be an option in Thunderbird at some point in the past, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be one any more. Oh well, there's no hurry. Perhaps I'll try it in a different mail client later.

  • Do you plan to have sieve ?
    It should be simple to implement since even roundcube has plugin for that.

  • @tobbi:

    Do you plan to have sieve ?
    It should be simple to implement since even roundcube has plugin for that.

    That would be very nice indeed.

  • Tested in Thunderbird:

    Port: 993
    TLS (not StartTLS): Yes
    username: username without the @… part

    Port: 465
    TLS (not StartTLS): Yes
    username: username without the @... part

    2 minor problems:

    1. There's a certificate error (cert's just not set up right). And, Thunderbird initially tries to connect via port 143, so you get the error right way before even having a chance to configure the connection settings. But, the cert error is there when connecting to port 993 too, so...

    2. If you change the connection settings to the proper ports and secure TLS and click "re-test", Thunderbird will report that it fails and the "done" button will be grayed out. The workaround here is to edit the username (to fire the field's input listener) and then change the username back. Then, click "done" without clicking "re-test".

    Once those little things were out of the way, I was able to connect and get the list of IMAP folders.

  • The workaround here is to edit the username (to fire the field's input listener) and then change the username back.

    That didn't quite work for me. I had to needlessly change some more settings around, like the authentication method. It's annoying that you can't just move on to some kind of advanced configuration or something.

    Anyway, I now have it working. That security certificate error was the key, and Thunderbird hid it.

  • Tested the setup details in Opera 12.16 1860 and, like TBird, it tries to connect as soon as you finish the setup. I went back in and changed the ports, Ok'd my way out and all was well. Picked up my test messages

    Looking good. 🙂

  • Tested in Opera Mail (separated client, Mac version) and POP3 required nothing from me but user name, type of access and mail address; everything else was presumed (correctly) by the client software…

  • Hi all

    And thanks for all you input 😃 , you are awesome.

    I've fixed the certification for imaps and smtps , hope it's a bit smoother now.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    It works nice now with OM .

  • Moderator

    Thank you for your efforts.

    Now working fine with an IMAP account. That wasn't too difficult. I just had to read Burnout's screenshot more carefully to realise it wasn't a POP account.

    What's the pros/cons of POP vs IMAP?

  • IMAP syncs back changes (if you want). You can connect with multiple clients at once (e.g. your desktop and your phone). Also you can grab only parts of a message (again mostly useful on your phone).

  • Moderator

    Thanks for the reply. I don't have a phone, so it wouldn't make any difference to me. Anyway, glad to have a replacement for My Opera email.

  • The phone was just an example. More generically, it's better in any scenario where you might want to access your mail from multiple physical locations or devices. Perhaps more important, as far as I know IMAP isn't any worse if you only use one device.

  • Hi guys,

    the IMAP/SMTP settings do not work by me. I tried it with Thunderbird, Opera Mail and with an android phone. There is only a problem with the SMTP (authorification error) on the phone I have, the another two programs do not funktion.
    Any ideas? Do I have to get any certification? If I do, where do I get it?

    My settings:
    IMAP server:
    SSL/TLS Port: 993
    Auth: homa

    SMTP server:
    SSL/TLS Port: 465
    Auth: homa

    With Thunderbird I tried the trick with the "change the name" as well, but it did not work either. What do I do wrong?

    One more question:
    I travel around the world every day (I have VPN). Do I have to count on problems with log in on the future?

    Thanks a lot


  • Thunderbird:
    Auth: Normal/Password ?


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