No sound on webpage

  • Hi! I've recently switched over from Firefox, and I'm really enjoying Vivaldi. However, I seem to have trouble with sound on one webpage, and one only,, which is a site where nerds can play our favorite tabletop games. I've tested the site with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and even an old version of Safari for Windows - all of which works.

    I've checked the inspector in Vivaldi, and when I try to play music from the site, it gives the following exception: "Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Failed to load because no supported source was found. It then lists a bunch of javascript methods it's trying to run.

    Audio works fine on any other webpage that I've tested.

    I realize this is pretty specific, so I won't dare to hope for much, but maybe somebody know of a fix?

  • @jarnalyrkar Do you have any extensions installed to Vivaldi that were not installed in other browsers that worked?
    Its possible an ad blocker or script blocker is preventing the site from accessing the resource it needs to play audio.

  • Disabled all extensions, and now it works. Boy, do I feel stupid. Should have been the first thing i checked. Now, to just figure out which extension did it! I'll just enable'em one by one and see.

    Thank you very much for your help!

  • ... Scratch that. I got mixed up in all the browsers, and I tested in the wrong browser, my bad.

    I disabled every extension in vivaldi, but it's the same result, unfortunately.

  • @jarnalyrkar Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I can help further as you need to set up an account on eh site for it to work. My only other suggestion would be to try enabling 3rd party cookies if they're not already accepted.

  • Sure, I understand 🙂 It's a bit niche, but I was just hoping someone might know of a fix.

    3rd party cookies are enabled. I also tried to remove the cookies and then test again, but no luck. I've also made sure that flash is enabled, but set vivaldi to prioritize html5 content over flash, and that the website has access to webcam and microphone (which both works)


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