The work for 1.13 starts now – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.13.966.3

  • Vivaldi Team

    Please welcome our first snapshot for Vivaldi 1.13. Let the fixes begin!

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  • wow, vivaldi team is on fire 🙂

  • You guys don't mess around with the updates. I like it.

  • [Regression] Fix the style for typed history from the search field (VB-32335)
    confirmed working correctly, whatever the size of the search field is, the search strings now fill the whole area and the X is correctly placed at end of field.

  • This also probably fixed the double entries in the address bar history, created everytime i searched something with Google, the entry was doubled. A side effect was the highlighting offset when scrolling the history in the address field.

  • Moderator

    @ian-coog: Yes, i am the dragoness generating fire to keep them working in the Vivaldi dungeons of cold Iceland. 😉

  • [Regression] Not possible to copy just the domain part of long URL (VB-32850)
    confirmed, I can copy part of the url starting with 1st char, f.ex. https://vivaldi while before it copied all url always

  • Wow, I didn't expect the first 1.13 snapshot for another week. You guys are really on point!

  • Very, very nice, guys! Love this!
    However, I have two things I really wish you guys would do.

    First of all, making a function to make the browser fullscreen, similar to pressing F11, but keeping the UI elements, so I can use side panels. I work with translations, and I use the browser for the job, and I have the dictionary set to the side panel, which I can't access when using the browser in full screen mode.

    Second, and this is an old one, a second row of tabs!
    I don't want to mix my work related tabs with my private stuff, so if I had a second row, I could just put the important tabs there. I already have pinned down about 6 tabs that I need open all the time, but for the sake of organization, having the second row would allow me to work more efficiently.

    Aside from that, I'm really surprised you guys released a new build right after the stable one. I thought it would take a whole week or more for the next snapshot.

  • [Keyboard Shortcuts] Unable to use keyboard shortcuts when focus is in select fields (VB-32701)
    At last!!!
    Thanks for that.

  • @yamiryuuzero:
    Why don't you put a group of tabs in one window and the other group in another window?
    Then you use alt-tab to alternate between windows...

  • Something's gone wrong with the experimental Windows Panel. It sees & lists each of my single unpinned tabs, & stacked unpinned tabs, & pinned single tabs, but it is now blind to all my pinned stacks. As far as i remember, 1.12 SS behaved correctly re this.

  • @steffie I am unable to actually pin a tab stack, how it's done?
    edit: ah ok, only via key shortcut. there is no context menu about it.
    Maybe it's not even meant to be possible 😛

  • Speaking of Google Hangouts (one of the fixes pertains to it), does anyone use Hangouts for incoming calls? In Vivaldi, I've never been able to get it to bring up the incoming call browser notification alerting you to the call.

    It's suppose to bring up a notification, allowing you to Accept/Decline. Otherwise, most times you'll simply never notice the call, unless you happen to be on the tab already, which isn't normally the case.

  • @yamiryuuzero: Browser with minimal UI and side panels:
    Press Ctrl+F11 and then F4 - for entering Addresses etc: F2 or edit the address bar /tab bar/ etc. keyboard shortcut
    For other stuff: Look up the list of keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures 🙂

    About the release today: The work never stops.
    For stable releases the builds are feature frozen at some point, get some extra testing and only cherry picked fixes from the ongoing snapshots and the daily internal builds. If if the fixes don't break things they go in, otherwise they need some more work - so there is always a build that is a bit more advanced - and as soon as it is stable enough and does not break too much, it gets shoved out of the door as public snapshot 🙂

  • I have to take it back, apparently this is not yet fixed. Searching anything selected with context menu Search option (Google set as default) will add 2 entries in typed history, one with the correct nickname "g" the other with a wrong nickname, either "?" or "w" on my 2 PCs depending on the order of the search engines in my settings. I don't even have a nickname "?" so it must be some lookup error from Vivaldi. Example

  • Address bar drop down highlight is still off.

  • @saudiqbal: After some tests with a fresh profile, I've come to the conclusion that our profile history files have been corrupted.

    I made a fresh profile, then just loaded loads of search entries and addresses into the address bar, but the problem didn't happen. I then backed up my working profile and decided to try deleting history in my working profile using the Clear Private Data tool in Vivaldi, but the problem occurred again after a few entries. So, I decided to nuke my history by deleting the history, history-journal and history provider cache files (well, I moved them rather than delete), and have had no issues, although I did, obviously, lose my history (well, I can get it back if I move them back). So, I'm thinking that it's database corruption after so many updates.

    Still, I could be wrong, but it might be a case of just having to bite the bullet and lose your history. This is one of the hazards of running snapshots. Still, not too much of a hazard, really. 🙂

  • @quhno: What is this "Ctrl+F11 mode"? Never tried it. It looks like a semi-fullscreen... Never noted it before...

  • @cptguapo That is the "Toggle UI" mode, which is in since some versions - don't know anymore since when exactly ...


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