Vivaldi doesn't like Hulu?

  • Hey Vivaldi team! I gotta say, I loved Opera, and to see you guys moving forwards makes me a happy person. There is just one thing, Hulu. Everytime I try to watch a show it starts, then when I try to bring up the overlay for moving through the show, or changing the volume, it goes right away, like it's not even there. Just thought I would let you guys know, if anyone knows a solution, let's hear it.

  • Vivaldi does seem to be having some issues with video sites - such as Vimeo. That said I don't subscribe to Hulu but I was able to watch a preview video with it in Vivaldi just fine.

    Maybe take a look at your plugins page: vivaldi://plugins

    If it suggests updates to any of your plugins you might want to get them; I thought I was up to date on Java and Flash but that page prompted me to get an update.


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