Hangs after computer changes networking type

  • Vivaldi hangs if I have it open in the foreground or background and I put my laptop to sleep and then wake it up and then try opening a new tab or refreshing the webpage. The entire UI then freezes and has to be killed in the task manager. I believe this is a chromium related issue as google chrome was having this issue (why I moved to Vivaldi), and vivaldi wasn't (until the latest 1.12 update today). Windows 7 64 bit (32 bit Vivaldi install).

    Update: It's related to a network change during sleep (i.e. if the computer is wired before sleeping then wireless after sleeping) as the problem is most prevalent on a campus between rooms and networking types. If I don't change the network when I put the machine to sleep and wake it up Vivaldi is fine. However, if I change the network type and the machine is still getting a IP address (either after sleep or changing it when awake) then Vivaldi locks up.

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