cyberfox to vivaldi

  • Hi With the demise of cyberfox not that far away I would like to jump aboard vivaldi. However I would like to an auto history delete feature also an opera wand like password manager. Finally the speed dial columns on my laptop only adjust from 1-5 I've tried 6-12 columns to no avail. Thanks

  • @mib The number of speed dial columns depends on what will fit on your display. You can reduce the GUI Zoom to fit more, but there's already a feature request to zoom the thumbnail size to fit automatically.

    You can set your browsing history to one day in Settings, Privacy, or delete it with a shortcut. There's no option to delete it on exit yet.

    Passwords and user names are already filled in automatically if you tell Vivaldi to save them.

    Insert note can also be used on forms to insert passwords or user names, etc.

    Post in the Feature Requests thread.

  • I meant to say a password manager with master password capability. I know this isn't the most secure option but its convenient. Whats the point in having a 12 column option when in practice it don't happen! "You can reduce the GUI Zoom to fit more". How? Thanks

  • @mib If you have a high enough resolution monitor, 12 columns will fit.

    The GUI Zoom can be changed in Settings, Appearance, but it affects all of the GUI, not just the size of speed dials. For now, that is all that we have.


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