Feature requests for 1.13

  • Automatic refresh of a webpage.

    That can be usefull for old boards, so I can see if I got msg if tab is opened, without periodicaly going to refresh it.

    If I can type in value i.e. 10s, 10m, it would be great.

  • Bookmark, that opens multiple tabs at same time.

  • @nashgc said in Feature requests for 1.13:

    Tab groups similar as Tab Groups for FF or improve TabsFolder extension

    I want to ask you about the greatest feature for browser, Tab groups. As far I know you already have similar feature, but it's not enough.
    Please do something similar as Tab Groups for FF or improve TabsFolder extension for chrome an it'll be the best browser 🙂

    Seconding this request. Tab Groups is the only thing still keeping me from switching my primary browser from Firefox to Vivaldi. (And my secondary browser does not really get used much...)

    I think that the current tab stack feature is not really a good replacement for Tab Groups. When there are dozens (or even hundreds) of tabs and many stacks, the tab bar just gets too cluttered.

    What I like most about Tab Groups is that it hides the tabs that are not in the active group. In other words, the tab bar contains only the tabs that are in the currently active group. When switching groups, the tab bar content is replaced with the new group's tabs.

    It is also nice to have the "overview" screen with all the groups. You can quickly see all open tabs, search for tabs, drag and drop tabs between groups, rename the tab groups, etc.

    For anyone not familiar with Tab Groups, check this out: https://www.howtogeek.com/235670/organize-manage-your-firefox-tabs-like-a-pro-with-the-tab-groups-add-on/

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Socket Controlled Media Playing API

    so I can use phone control for youtube, soundcloud, etc.

  • Remove automatical opening of filemanager after Vivaldi made screenshots

    Debian allows you to set up a small system which can be configured at your needs. My debian system has no file manager (and I don't want such a GUI tool). Now the problem:

    After Vivaldi stores a screenshot on disk, it tries to open a file manager to display the content of the screenshot directory. This brings my system into trouble because I have none (please refer to screenshot not working).

    In my opinion it is not the task of a browser to call a file manager GUI automatically after a screenshot was saved. I know no other browser which does something like that. Please think at the similar situation where a download is finished. In that case no file manager is called.

    So my suggestion is to remove this feature. The presence of a file manager should not be presumed.

  • Change the setting method of "Show Status Info Overlay" function.


    In the present circumstances,When you press Ctrl + Shift + s to switch the status bar to ON or OFF, the "Show Status Info Overlay" function is turned off.

    By placing the "Show Status Info Overlay" function as a "Hide Status Bar" option in the setting with a check box,
    Even when you press Ctrl + Shift + s to switch the status bar to ON or OFF, the Show Status Info Overlay function is turned ON.
    0_1511200440352_Show Status Info Overlay.png

    • If you press Ctrl + Shift + S to turn on / off in order to execute the current "hide status bar" function, it will not be displayed as "overlay", so it will correspond to that.
    • If you do not want to display it as "Overlay", you do not have to check "Show status information as overlay" function.

    @kotetsu said in ステータスバーを表示していない場合でも、情報をウィンドウの左下に表示します。:

  • Three-way Toggle for Load Images
    Always Load Images • Load Images from Cache • Never Load Images

    In Opera 12.18 this can be done with Feature requests for 1.13:

    Concatenate Commands

    Enable display images > Disable display images > Display cached images only

  • Add "New Private Window" option in the right click menu on Gnome Shell :

    Firefox does it already :



  • Built-in proxy settings. The way it was in Opera, the way it still is in Firefox.

    In the modern days when anonymity is as important as ever (and Opera implementing built-in VPN) and censorship increasing in some countries it's imperative for a browser to have at least a way of configuring proxies. And especially PAC, as it basically enables routing for tunnels that don't support it.

  • Ability to choose the page's charset manually. Some poorly written legacy websites didn't define their charset and browser sometimes fails to detect it correctly. Also there are text files that can be opened directly in the browser.

  • Support for Magnet in MacOS

    Magnet is a window management software for OS X, which allows quick resizing and positioning of windows using keyboard commands. While a large percentage of the applications I use are supported, Vivaldi has been a glaring exception. It would be great if this could be supported.

  • @aquova You have to use the native window for that to work (right now)

  • I would love to PIN a tiled tab group.

    I know it is possible to pin tiled tabs one by one. But for better organisation I would love to group some of them in the tab bar.

    So I unpinned and untiled them, grouped and tiled them again, but now i can no longer pin them.

  • Notifications in Win10 Notification tray
    It would be really nice to have notifications from websites appear in the notification tray 🙂

  • @aquova And on the flipside, support for all window management software in Linux as well, then we'll have all OS's with proper support.


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