Feature requests for 1.13

  • Address field in note included when dropping tab to notes (creating new note with address from the tab).
    Same thing was in old Opera.

  • タブのサイズを小さくしないで、「Tab Bar」の幅いっぱいまでタブを開いた後で、新しい「Tab Bar」セットを開くようにする。
    「Tab Bar」いっぱいの「Tab set」を1ページとして、本のページを捲る様に切り替えて表示する。

    Instead of reducing the size of the tabs, open tabs to the full extent of the "Tab Bar" and open a new "Tab Bar" set.
    Tab Bar "full page" Tab set "as one page, switch to display the book page so that it turns.


  • Download profiles, per domain with wildcards, I want different sites save elsewhere.

  • When adding to the webpanel, it is currently saved as a URL.
    That,Make it possible to save it with a site name and arbitrary name.
    Make it possible to change the order on the webpanel.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Make all tabs from given stack visible when there is mouse coursor over the stack

    Like on the drawing here:

    (Sorry, i'm not too good at drawing things)
    I think it could work like a little, folding, horizontal (or vertical, if tab bar is on left or right side of the screen) tab sub-bar that would appear only when user's mouse is above tab stack.

    I mean something like preview option, but only for stacked cards and without miniature images of websites, just titles. Maybe it should get integrated with existing preview option?

  • Start up command for user directory

    I would like to use one user settings across multiple platforms and installs.

  • mouse gesture: display a list of recently closed tabs

    display a list of recently closed tabs, so users do not need to travel to the top right corner to get it.

  • A GO button please …
    A BUTTON / ARROW to kick the keyed address into action – repeatedly ?
    I might be on an internet page and from there want to drill into multiple further links, I want to open the same page several times and drill a different route from each – then compare the result, jumping between tabs.

    As a “new” address opens a new tab, this change would be an obvious improvement …

  • Collapse Bookmarks in sidebar please

    I've got thousands of bookmarks in umpteen folders and I open them as required.
    I usually close Vivaldi without bothering to individually collapse each folder

    Next time I open Vivaldi, the folders are all still open ... looks a big mess

    I know I can r-click and “collapse all folders” but how about an option to collapse automatically each time the browser is closed ?

  • Bookmarks sidebar ...tidy up

    a) remove the triangle - it serves no purpose - it just takes up a lot of space (need to change so clicking on the description or folder opens with one click)
    b) fix the sequence so that all the folders are followed by all the stragglers … but in the sequence selected
    c) fix the Bookmarks list so it takes less vertical space … I have to scroll to see the end of my list (only on Vivaldi)

  • Bookmarks sidebar …update

    a) I’d like to r-click on a bookmark and select "Change to current" - this is very useful if just used the bookmark but the URL no longer leads to a page. This would be a big efficiency improvement

  • Option not to download every opened PDF file

  • Up Arrow please ...

    In Avant is an Up Arrow icon. Hit it once and it changes this ...

    to this

    Hit it again and it becomes this ...

    AND it automatically changes to display that page.

    This is very useful and a lot of hassle without it ...

  • Search site option …

    Instead of just searching a page (Ctlr+F to Find in Page) how about “Search site” to find a word or phrase in a website (like Avant browser)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Tab groups similar as Tab Groups for FF or improve TabsFolder extension

    I want to ask you about the greatest feature for browser, Tab groups. As far I know you already have similar feature, but it's not enough.
    Please do something similar as Tab Groups for FF or improve TabsFolder extension for chrome an it'll be the best browser 🙂

    UPD: I've found "TreeTabs" plugin for Vivaldi, it's amazing!

  • Add searched string automatically to Clipboard

    Context menu search (right-click -> Search with). I would like to request the option to automatically add the searched string to the clipboard.

  • Enable to Select a Bookmark-inserted-position in the Bookmark Panel [Option]
    When a bookmark is newly created with a dialogue, the new one will be inserted to the bottom of the designated folder.
    On the other hand, when you drag a bookmark and drop it down onto a folder icon, it is inserted to the top of the folder even though there are sub-folders.
    The behaviors in the two case are quite different, and lacking consistency.
    The latter is inconvenient, because it disarranges the order of items inside the folder that I've arranged manually ever before. Mr. Kotetsu and I severally confirmed that , in Chrome browser, a dropped bookmark is inserted to the bottom.
    That's why I'd like an option to place a bookmark being dropped onto the folder icon to the bottom of the folder.
    Don't you too think so? 🙂

  • Password import and export!

    Something caused Chrome to forget/delete all stored passwords and I have no idea how to restore at least part of them from one of the other browsers that once inherited them.


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