Feature requests for 1.13

  • Built-in proxy settings. The way it was in Opera, the way it still is in Firefox.

    In the modern days when anonymity is as important as ever (and Opera implementing built-in VPN) and censorship increasing in some countries it's imperative for a browser to have at least a way of configuring proxies. And especially PAC, as it basically enables routing for tunnels that don't support it.

  • Ability to choose the page's charset manually. Some poorly written legacy websites didn't define their charset and browser sometimes fails to detect it correctly. Also there are text files that can be opened directly in the browser.

  • Support for Magnet in MacOS

    Magnet is a window management software for OS X, which allows quick resizing and positioning of windows using keyboard commands. While a large percentage of the applications I use are supported, Vivaldi has been a glaring exception. It would be great if this could be supported.

  • @aquova You have to use the native window for that to work (right now)

  • I would love to PIN a tiled tab group.

    I know it is possible to pin tiled tabs one by one. But for better organisation I would love to group some of them in the tab bar.

    So I unpinned and untiled them, grouped and tiled them again, but now i can no longer pin them.

  • Notifications in Win10 Notification tray
    It would be really nice to have notifications from websites appear in the notification tray 🙂

  • @aquova And on the flipside, support for all window management software in Linux as well, then we'll have all OS's with proper support.

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