Feature requests for 1.13

  • Option to dock bookmarks bar in main menu bar

    see screenshot below and this thread

  • Going to parent folder in Speed Dial with Back button or gesture

    Request: It would be very nice to also get back to the parent folder by using the back button of the browser and (therefore enabling to use) the "back button" functionality of the mouse.

    Situation: When I use the speed dial and navigate into a subfolder I can only return to the parent folder by clicking on the button "<< (Name of the Subfolder)" that is situated above the subfolders contents.

  • Sticky/Permanent Tab Tiling (Alternate Title: Set Tab Layout)

    It would be awesome if we could have the ability to keep a tiled tab layout when browsing. An example might be having a dual-tab or triple-tab view layout, similar to how Tile Tabs works, but persists across changing the active tab.

    For instance, there are a variety of code editors (VSCode, Sublime Text, Atom, Jetbrains IDEs, etc) that have the ability to display two editors side by side. While Vivaldi's tab tiling does something similar, it's not exactly the same. If I change my active tab, for example, I lose my tiled tab layout and have to retile my tabs, selecting my newly active tab and whichever one I wanted tiled with it. It would be amazing if we could have what would essentially be window layout options where we can always browse with two (or whichever configuration) tabs side by side. As a developer, this would be AMAZING. Having my local testing environment tab always open while navigating references & resources on a tab next to it would be heaven.

  • Specify Separate Sessions Per Tab

    Basically the same thing as Firefox's "Containers" or Sessionbox (which only seems to work intermittently)

  • Since line breaks are not reflected when re-editing Description,
    Please be sure to enable line breaks in the description of Bookmark panel and Bookmarks.
    Please increase the vertical width of the explanation window according to the sentence amount.


  • Autohide address bar
    Let us autohide the address bar when not in use or not selected. Make it only appear when hovering over the tabs or while having the URL field selected.

  • Make attached tabs resizable.

    They are too tiny at the moment, especially when the audio-sign is shown
    (for instance youtube attached tab playing a video). Mostly i accidentally mute the video instead of bringing the tab to the foreground. Please make them resizable or at least larger (wider).

    alt text

    Also, please extend the vertical size of normal (ungrouped) tabs to the upper edge of the screen (tab on top here).
    As it is now, i too often hit the small space above the tab and nothing happens.

    alt text

    thx & greetz,

  • Option to select an external editor instead of the internal page source viewer for control-U.

  • Pull site permissions into Vivaldi's settings under privacy

    Right now we have to go to vivaldi://settings/content

    I would also prefer the ability to turn some things like notifications off by default. Way too many sites ask these days and I'd prefer to never see the prompt, as I never allow it. It would be nice to go into the settings and find a site if I one day think they might provide decent notifications.

  • Mute if browser has no focus with multiple displays

    If you use 2 or more displays and mouse is moved to the Display where Browser is not visible, "mute the Tab/Browser"

  • Refresh tab thumbnail/preview on mouse-over everytime website url changes

    instead of manual refresh(F5) to update the preview.

  • Disable mouse+rocket gestures in "Page Actions"

    I recently stumbled upon an issue when trying to use Onshape (cloudCAD software) with Vivaldi. It turns out, as one could suspect, that apps using right click gestures for navigation will interfere with Vivaldi's own gestures. I find my self in a need to have a quick override of mouse/rocket gestures per url, perhaps best in "page actions" checklist menu0_1510827329064_vivaldi gestures proposition.png

  • option to delete/disable some context menu selections, move them up or down etc.

    option to be able to close pinned tabs. (Ctrl + W)

  • Open/Close Bookmark folder by Single-Click on the Folder icon [Option]
    On Bookmark bar, Single-Click opens a folder.
    Despite that, the rule is not the same in the Bookmark Side Panel.
    Currently, Single-Click event calls "Rename folder" function.

    Considering that one of the most popular function on the panel may be open/close Bookmark folder, then, we might say it's natural that we associate Single-Click event with "open/close-folder" function. In that case, "Rename folder" function is to be moved to the context menu with access key "r", which letter is not in use.

    This idea will decrease the frequency of double-click and make some of us feel stress-free, and perchance, your mouse might give you even longer use. Thank you. 🙂

    [P.S.] Just for Single-Click, Clicking on the arrow-like icon is the only way. But the icon is so small that I practice Double-Click on the folder icon way instead, because it's faster and surer. In order to enable users to operate intuitively, it is desirable that the target should be "folder icon" rather than "arrow". The former is easily perceived and easy to click.
    Please compare the width of arrow icon space with that of the rest space. The wider space is used for "rename" function. But how often do we rename folders in daily use? I hope Vivaldi will be more user friendly browser.

  • Easy Bug Report & Website Complaint via MENU > HELP > Bug Report

    Currently there are no easy way to report bug & website from browser GUI. This make me lazy to report stuff & feedback to Vivaldi Dev when i do encounter problem while using Vivaldi browser, cuz right now it's kinda troublesome to do so.

    1. Please add Bug Report command to the MENU.

    2. Auto-fill website URL & browser related details in the bug report, i don't want to type 'em on every bug report.

    3. Maybe make public bug tracker available in the forum? I hate to wait for nothing for forever after reported a bug.

    I'm sure most user would gladly help u to improve Vivaldi if u can make it easier for us to do so. Thanks.

  • This post is deleted!

  • 'Tab stcak'しているTabを選択中に、'Tab stcak'しているTabの上にマウスカーソルが乗っている時に、マウスホイールを回転させると、'Tab stcak'の中のタブを'タブサイクリング'します。
    While selecting the 'Tab stcak' tab, rotate the mouse wheel while the mouse cursor is on the 'Tab stcak' Tab, the tab in 'Tab stcak' will be 'tab Cycling '.

    1. Select Tab that 'Tab stcak'.
    2. The mouse cursor is on top of the 'Tab stcak' Tab.
    3. Rotate mouse wheel.
    4. 'Tab Cycling' the tab in 'Tab stcak'.

  • For reader mode: font size

    Please add ''size'' option for editing font size.

  • (just an idea, don't take it too seriously)

    Change how snapshots are delivered to give the best working version for chosen platform (win/linux/mac)

    • Alpha: internal private versions (green)
    • Beta: snapshots with major issues/regressions
    • Pre-RC/RC: snapshots with minor issues
    • Stable: ready 📦

    Snap users should be able to choose if stay in Beta or RC (default) channel with an option in settings.


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