Feature requests for 1.13

  • Improve consistency of bookmarking experience

    Usecase: User has bookmarks panel open and a webpage they wish to bookmark. They drag the url from the address bar into the bookmarks panel or into a folder inside it. Instead of setting the title to the page title, it sets it to the URL, which is different than the behavior of using Ctrl+D and then selecting a folder to place the bookmark into.

    It's frankly a pretty niche issue, it's just something I happened to notice when doing exactly this (having a bunch of tabs open and dragging the URL in, switch tab, dragging next one in, etc. is genuinely faster for me).

  • Forms history

    Remember sent and draft (inputed but not sent) forms.

    What to remember:

    • content from every field that was avaliable for user inputting (file input and radio/checkbox inputs are included)
    • URL
    • datetime
    • whole page single screenshot for the last state of the form (optional, because it needs more space for screenshots and because the screanshooter is just a feature that requires user full control)

    Maybe, we can use the already existing notes feature (please, don't downvote for this, it's just a not necessary option but you'll downvote the whole idea). Add a separate section into notes massive to differ usual notes and forms history and add new settings block, where user can define if he wants to auto save forms and, if he does, what data he wants to keep, what forms he wants to save (inputed/sent/both), to what urls he wants and doesn't want to apply Form History (full, domain, starts with, ends with, regexp).

    Old Opera saved forms state if user accidently lost the data to send. It's a great feature, but, I think, it needs the logical continuation.

  • Minimap for pages

    A minimap for comfortable web serfing like the one from Sublime Text or like this one, with an ability to customize the map from settings (draggable, realistic, etc) and to point there to what domains or urls or regexps it should be applied. Optional.

  • Session Close confirmation option
    I won't go into why I would like the option to have Vivaldi ask if I really want to close the session except that it would save me some time after inadvertently clicking the 'X' and closing Vivaldi by mistake.

  • My wish: "Saved Session"-handling convenient like the handling from OneTab Extension. 🙂

    With the extension you don't rely on clicking through the whole menu (by mouse).
    (I know there are shortcuts, but I'm a mouse-heavy-user and even with short cut you need serveral step for saving and restoring.)

    Feature for the session handling could be:

    • On click to safe the current "session" (tabs).
    • Optional: Naming of the session afterwards.
    • Alternative click to safe only without removing tabs.


    • One click to view saved sessions and a second click to restore a session.

    A first step would be an optional button in the UI for the session handling.

    Best regards

  • Make Vivaldi Thinkpad/Trackpoint friendly

    While Vivaldi works well with the older Thinkpad keyboards and drivers it's a pain to use with the newer keyboards.

    See full feature proposal there.

  • Quick wipe current page cache
    Clear active page cache on long-press refresh button

  • Notification center as Chrome used to have.

    • The Notification center itself (a window containing all recently displayed notifications)
    • A possibility to mute notifications ideally one-click-away (that means the possibility to permanently disable notifications somewhere deep in the settings doesn't meet that criteria)

    //modedit: shortened post

  • Add Addons to Paneel

  • Editing the Search bar

  • Add "Open with..." to the file download dialog

    For example, if I download a PDF, I'd like to be able to choose the application the file gets passed to, such as Preview, Notability, etc.

  • Notes automatically copied/added to the text field where the cursor is after a double-click

    like it was in Opera 12.

  • Enable to Assign "Save image as .." to mouse gesture (Option)
    In case mouse cursor being on an image when the user has performed the gesture operation of a pointer, Vivaldi opens Save As Dialog Box. 🙂

  • Enable to Assign "Restart Vivaldi" to mouse gesture (Option)
    The function restartBrowser() already exists and in use, but currently it is limited.
    We can see it only in experimental mode. 🙂

  • Enable to Assign "Search Selected texts" to mouse gesture (Option)
    This function already exists in context menu.
    I'm afraid but there's more efficient way, not via context menu.. 🙁
    I'd be very happy if I can do it with mouse gesture just like in the image above.
    I don't remember on which browser and with which extension I was searching this way.
    It might be better without showing list, regarding speed. Thank you. 🙂

  • Focus tab on mouse hover

    Switch focus to tab that mouse is currently pointing to after delay of X milliseconds. Like in Tab Mix Plus for Firefox.

  • Open Address Bar in New Tab option

    Equivalent of the option for "Open Bookmarks in New Tab," add option in Address Bar preferences to "Open Address Bar in New Tab."

  • Enable to hide Vivaldi button (Option)
    I'm using Windows version which has Vivaldi button. The reasons are as follows;
    (1) We now have various ways to access to browser's functions, such as Alt-key, Short-cut key, Mouse Gestures and so on. Thus I guess menu button is not essential for daily use.
    (2) Vivaldi button seems to have a problem.
    The button can open menu, but the menu doesn't close by clicking the button. 🙁
    I got low-evaluation vote. so sad.

  • Speed dial thumbnails should display easily perceptible, descriptive images instead of screenshots of web pages.

    By default, these thumbnails display random screenshots of web pages (or just a bookmark icon until one visits the site for the first time) like so:
    alt text
    As it is obvious, at this thumbnail-level the screenshot of a whole webpage means visually nothing and more importantly it also doesn't serve the purpose of making it possible for the user to know at a glance what site each thumbnail represents.

    The speed dial thumbnails that work functionally and visually are like these (the second image is from Opera's speed dial):
    alt text
    alt text

    I know that one can change these thumbnails one by one and this is great as an option but it's really impractical for many thumbnails (and I've also seen some threads where people were telling that these custom thumbnails can vanish too). Just a descriptive colour from the related website (or from the logo) as the background with the name or the logo of the page (as big as possible) standing on it would be great.

  • Option to detect mobile touch icons instead of thumbnails
    Many sites will offer touch icons for mobile devices. The largest, about 180px would fit in speed dials, and may look clearer than thumbnails. An option to auto detect the presence of these and use them in place of thumbnails would be nice.


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