Feature requests for 1.13

  • Sort Commands for Mouse Gestures Alphabetically

    0_1506024755605_Commands for Mouse Gestures.png
    Currently, it is hard to find commands or even to know if they are available. Opera 12.17 has a Quick Find feature that makes it even easier, but sorting them would help.

  • Ability to pop-out videos
    It is a very useful feature in opera to pop-out videos into a seperate, always on-top window.
    alt text

  • Zoom Start Page Thumbnails to Fit

    That is, respect the number of columns set for speed dial. Currently, the only way to fit more columns is to reduce the UI Zoom, but then menus, etc., become too small to read.

    0_1507024482320_Zoom Thumbnails to Fit.png

  • The option for an Auto-hiding bookmark bar.

    There is a hack to do this via custom CSS, but it's far from optimal.

    This feature should have some flexibility, such as whether it triggers when the mouse is over the address bar but not when it's over the navigation buttons, or vice-versa. Also, perhaps some timings (how quickly the bar displays, and how long you have to hover for it to appear).

  • option to show seperate folder tree in bookmarks manager
    This feature is already available in Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Especially if you have many bookmarks, I think it is very useful.
    alt text

  • Ability to drag and drop bookmarks within folders in the bookmarks bar
    So far it is only possible to drag a page onto a folder in the bookmarks bar to have it added at the top. I would like the folder to open when I drag a page onto it so I can insert it at a specific position. Also I would like to rearrange bookmarks inside folders by just dragging and dropping them directly inside the bookmarks bar without having to use the panel.

  • Option to rearrange or remove menu items
    Especially, I would like to remove the home button.

  • Bookmarks button
    This is available as a mod already.
    alt text

  • Option to move status bar settings to side panel bar
    It would free up more space for the website.
    This request already got many votes for version 1.12.
    alt text

  • .

  • Bookmarks window (vivaldi://bookmarks/) with thumbnails mode like in Speed Dial.
    Bookmarks already have downloaded thumbnails, so thumbnails mode would be perfect addition.

  • Option to hide startpage navigation bar.

  • An option to show search/copy pop-up when selecting text

    alt text

  • FEATURE REQUEST: Persistent bookmark bar folder pop-up menu

    Didn't know how to call it :), but here is what I mean:

    Currently in the bookmark bar folder pop-up menu of vivaldi, everytime you click on any of the links the pop-up menu closes. My request is, when I ctrl+click to open a link in a new background tab, the pop-up should remain open, so I can open several links in a row...
    I use that a lot, because I have folders in there for several different tasks.
    Also when I right click on one of those links it should give the default right click options of vivaldi related to links...

    I made an example:

    alt text

    Also, every other chromium browser behaves like this... It really speedup things.. so why not vivaldi? 🙂


  • FEATURE REQUEST: CPU and RAM Optimizations

    The cpu usage in vivaldi is a little high compared to other browsers, it's most noticeable when playing videos....
    Also it eats a lot of RAM memory, even with just a few tabs open (e.g less than 10)... I find myself losing tabs very quickly, If I have a good amount of tabs open, the ones opened first will die pretty quick, and when I try to open one of those tabs it will load the page from scratch, which is bad, because most of my tabs gives me desktop notifications and when they die I got nothing.... 😞
    In Opera for example I can let tabs stay there idle for a while but the page almost never die, desktop notifications and stuff always work, not reload from scratch...

  • FEATURE REQUEST: Drag text to the tab bar area (or even on the same tab) to search

    When done so, it should open a new tab and do a search with my current selected search engine. Every Chromium browser variant I tried has this feature but Vivaldi.


    alt text

    alt text

    Very handy, I use it all the time... 🙂
    Actually that's the main feature I'm waiting to fully jump into Vivaldi... 🙂

  • Allow panels/webpanels to overlay a website's content.

  • Allow find in page to overlay website content.

  • Give ability to disable white background behind favicons and webpanels.


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