Feature requests for 1.13

  • More actions in Downloads panel, such as:

    • right click on a item allows standard windows actions (properties, scan file with [antivirus], copy, open with..., send to, etc.), most importantly able to scan the file with any installed antivirus.
    • being able to drag a file to copy it (scenario: I just downloaded a pdf file that i need to hand in on some other page, being able to directly drag the file from the Downloads panel to the add-file thingy on the website without needing to open the downloads folder) (other scenario: Being able to directly drag a file to my desktop or any folder without needing to open the downloads folder in explorer).

  • Middle click in history list (of <- & -> buttons) must open new tab.

  • Option for opening of tabs from UI buttons (and lists) in front or in background.

  • As @Eadorimthryth spoke a word about downloads panel I thought of one thing.
    I would love to see a downloads page like in Opera 12, with proper data columns. The panel is too tiny for all necessary downloading information. Please consider this.

  • Yet another matter.
    When I drag some text to the search bar I should be there already, just to click Enter and even more - the search engine list should pop down in the same moment (vide: Opera 12).

  • This post is deleted!

  • Independent keyboard shortcut to select the search engine & search the active selection in the suggestions list*

    It is highly convenient to perform a search of items in the suggestions list in any search engine of your choice. Right now when a suggestions list is activated, it is impossible to launch the search engines list without closing the former. When you close it, however, the active selection made in the suggestions list gets lost, and you can't make a search of these lists' items ... All the following 3 intuitive actions to keep the active selection in the search bar scrap, discard it:

    • clicking mouse in the search bar
    • pressing 'Escape'
    • pressing 'Left Cursor'

    The only way to search an item in the suggestions list in the preferred search engine is to either hit 'Enter' while selection is active and make a redundant search in an unknown current search engine, or to type the past inquiry anew. Suffice it to say both are so discouraging that one refrains from them, thus foregoing many a search opportunity. It is to be noted that multiple re-searches of past inquiries are so common that the drawback debilitates the whole search process.

    * both the previous searches and search suggestions lists are implied.

  • Perform search upon pressing the corresponding letter of a search engine when in the drop-down menu of the search bar

    It would be great if search could be performed upon pressing the corresponding 'nickname' letter of a search engine when the drop-down list of the search bar is active. Thus the time of scrolling up & down the list could be spared.

  • Moderator

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  • Download location profiles for various websites with wildcards?
    I don't like fact that I have to click when I switch content types...

  • @theytookmyusername
    I understand you're new here. So, 1st, Hello.

    Please split all request. It's suppose to be vote able. Not all want all of those combined.

  • Extra Tab Bar for Tab Groups
    An option to activate a second tabbar, which opens when a tabgroup is selected.


  • A command to move tab to another open Vivaldi window

  • A command to stack all tabs in current window, or even better with more granular control if possible

  • A more "tmux-like" control over stacking and tiling tabs. Right now I can stack two tabs and tile them horizontally and vertically, but if I make a new tab it goes as a new tab regardless and I have to drag it into the stack and re-tile.

    Something akin to Tmux would be great, hotkey control over moving between stacks, tiling and creating/destroying tabs within a stack.

    Right now I still use two windows side by side, since that allows me to open a new tab in the window aligned left or right.

    Finally: A system wide quick commands, like it is in for example many note-taking programs. A global shortcut to trigger it, meaning you could easily access from wherever. I do this atm with BetterTouchTool as a workaround, which I'm sure is possible on all OS - but it activates the vivaldi window which makes it a tad slow compared to what a native solution would be.

    Editedit: Distraction-free mode. Right now the reader view hides stuff from the webpage, but not from the browser. Distraction-free mode could hide address-bar, panels, tab bar etc. For when you want to read an article. Possibly with some solution to take notes (by having easily accessible notes panel).

  • @purgator said in Feature requests for 1.13:

    Search in page <CTRL-F> / <F3> : - Selecting text on a webpage immediately copies the selected text to the findbar and searches for it (optional of course)

    Interesting for people that come from Firefox with Findbar Tweak : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/findbar-tweak/



    1. 検索文字列をマウスで選択
    2. Ctrl+C 、コピーテキスト
    3. Ctrl+F

    I can not speak English.
    I use Google Translate. So there may be some strange meanings.

    The function you say can already be realized by the following operation method.
    Vivaldi ver.1.12

    1. Select the search string with the mouse
    2. Press Ctrl + C, copy text
    3. Press Ctrl + F

  • @pesala
    I can not speak English.
    I use Google Translate. So there may be some strange meanings.

    I would like to add a function that can release the full screen state by pressing ESC

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sound mixer(Per tab/group) and permissions, allowing website to be muted by default.

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