Feature requests for 1.13

  • Window panel (vivaldi://experiments/) tabs lack classes/selectors for currently active tab and other than default bold font can't be styled. Few other options to control tabs are missing too like close with middle click, close all tabs after / other than, multi selects etc.

  • Option to Flip YouTube Videos

    @gwen-dragon said in Feature requests for 1.13:

    !!! This is not a discussion thread !!!
    Do report short feature requests, do not discuss.

    @Everyone To search for feature requests that have already been posted use the search icon in the black header, e.g. to find recent posts on Bookmarks.


  • @margarita

    i'd like to be able to show/hide tabs and url bar while in fullscreen, when mouse on top for example.

  • Download button like in Firefox
    Only shown if necessary (file is downloading...).

    I don't like panels.

  • Please add the options to use the TAB key to navigate the Q-Command result list.

    Thank you.

  • @lll Already requested above: in https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/162197

    I would like to use "fly-out menu" for tabs, panels and menu in FULL SCREEN MODE in Vivaldi.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • would be good to have an opportunity change column width in bookmarks manager.
    Where there are fields - name,adress,short name, etc.

  • Hello everyone.
    How about Ctrl + Tab (or different one, for example Ctrl + arrows) shortcut for switching between speed dial, bookmarks, history and other user-added folders on the start page?


  • @bobbudowniczy

    Vivaldi settings > Keyboard > Focus Cycling > Cycle All
    Will use TAB/Shift TAB for all of those. Honestly, I'm not used to it.

  • Resuming a request already made (2 years ago). A simple Checksum in the context menu, at least on the Web Panel on the Download section

    0_1507768397630_Vivaldi Forum - [Request] - File Hash menu on Web Panel downloads (50%).png

  • Vivaldi Translator

    If viable, this would be a great addition - Right click on a page and the context menu has an option "clear browsing data of this page".

  • Thanks for the reply @dleon

    Hmm, it is a half of the solution, but IT IS.
    Personally I don't use TAB for "all controls", yet I have another thought.
    When "TAB for all controls" is off and you are in the adress bar and you hit Escape, the first item of speed dial gets highlighted. What if start page "folders" could be pulled into that list?

    Additionally, when you have speed dial item highlighted it would be very nice to navigate between them with arrow keys, wouldn't it?
    I will remind here my previous post about Ctrl + 1, + 2, etc. shortcuts for subsequent speed dial items, like in the Opera 12.

  • Make own a META Tag include image for web when users add new website on Speed Dial

    Because I'm webmaster and I want to use my own image for speed dial but don't want use snapshot screen(I think your system call generate image) from browser. If you make it I recommend to support Retina Display on OS X (and write the document that suitable for OS X )

  • More actions in Downloads panel, such as:

    • right click on a item allows standard windows actions (properties, scan file with [antivirus], copy, open with..., send to, etc.), most importantly able to scan the file with any installed antivirus.
    • being able to drag a file to copy it (scenario: I just downloaded a pdf file that i need to hand in on some other page, being able to directly drag the file from the Downloads panel to the add-file thingy on the website without needing to open the downloads folder) (other scenario: Being able to directly drag a file to my desktop or any folder without needing to open the downloads folder in explorer).

  • Middle click in history list (of <- & -> buttons) must open new tab.

  • Option for opening of tabs from UI buttons (and lists) in front or in background.

  • As @Eadorimthryth spoke a word about downloads panel I thought of one thing.
    I would love to see a downloads page like in Opera 12, with proper data columns. The panel is too tiny for all necessary downloading information. Please consider this.

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