Feature requests for 1.13

  • Switch Writing Direction with OS-defined keyboard shortcuts
    Just like already possible in the address bar, hitting [ctrl]+[left shift] and [ctrl]+[right shift] on HTML input fields should switch their writing direction to Left to Right and Right to Left respectively.
    Or better yet, you could define keyboard shortcut for it in the settings.

  • Option to disable the built-in download manager.
    The built-in manager sometimes interferes with the operation of external download managers, such as IDM. It would be preferable to have the choice of using the built-in manager, or not.

    Edit: Never mind. Just realized that although the external download manager extension was enabled in Vivaldi, Vivaldi was not enabled in the download manager for capturing links. The external manager intercepts downloads much more reliably now. 😊

  • Moderator

    Completely delete an empty item
    If a note (or a bookmark, or folder of some kind) has no content inside it and it is deleted, don't even put it in the trash. Simply remove it.

  • Keyboard shortcut for parent directory (go "up" in url)

    Steps to reproduce:
    Be able to use "Ctrl-Backsapce" to go up in the url
    (Ctrl-Backspace would be configured)

    Summary: Keyboard shortcut for parent directory (go "up" in url)
    Key: VB-30847

  • Cannot add search engine using 'POST'

    Steps to reproduce:
    We can create custom searches on sites that use "GET".

    We can not create custom searches on sites that use "POST"

    Summary: Cannot add search engine using 'POST'
    Key: VB-30716

  • Sort Web Panels by Drag and Drop

  • "Forget this site"

    An additional context option when you right click an item in history that would delete every trace, history cache cookies etc.

    I am having an issue with usbank.com where my cookies seems to get corrupted and so when I login, it says the system is down. But if I delete cache cookies etc. I am able to login successfully and continue my online banking.

    At the moment this is inconvenient because there is no way to delete everything for just one website. I can work around this using incognito mode but I'd rather not have to use incognito. I can also sometimes get around this by deleting cookies for just the past day. But since it is just the one website it would be nice to not delete cookies for every site I visit.

  • Set Speed Dial (and bookmark) thumbnail from current view of site. Opera has it.

    Good for videos. Now, all youtube videos is black in thumbnails.

    P.S. sometimes it works, but not always. Anyway, vivaldi must have something to optimize setting the thumbnail, like paste image from clipboard.

  • This post is deleted!

  • right click on tab to mute
    even when there is currently no sound playing.

  • Make the "add bookmark" dialog resizeable.

  • Tab groups

    This is a suggestion to get quick way to make heavier groups, name it... It would be complementary to the stack solution which would become a lighter solution.

    0_1506412669887_Sans titre.png

    Recycling an older suggestion, this could be possibly done with the mouse on the fly (look black special brackets) :

    You can select and move all the group clicking on its name. You can select severals group. You can change the name easily or let the program selects it automaticaly from the first tab domain... If you need a more powerful manager, specialy when you have a lot of them and a lot of tab into them, you extend the tab panel like in this suggestion

    • Multi-Touch Gesture support for Microsoft Precision Touchpads

  • Would it be possible to change the bookmark save menu, i'am used to have a LOT of bookmark so different folder.
    And having to use a menu THEN scroll where i want to save the bookmark is just not handy at all.

    Would be SO much more handy to have something like that


    1 - you directly have the tree view, you can open / close folder in it for a quick access
    2- you can resize the pop up, so have the tree view can take all your screen heigh

  • To have private Tabs and normal tabs in the same window like in Opera 12 would be very nice.

  • Hi,

    it's nice to see how good Vivaldi looks and how well it works now.
    I have a suggestion for the side panel on the left:
    I would like to be able to simply straight away open attached webpages with a left click.
    Or at least: as soon as I middle click on a link that the newly opened tab is in focus.

    Would be awesome! 🙂

  • Ability to manually save private windows sessions.

    It may initially sound counter-intuitive to be able to save data about the navigation done in private mode if you assume people only use private mode to hide their browsing habits from others who have physical access to their computers.

    That's not the case. Web devs take advantage of the private mode to quickly test front-end changes; people use it to access multiple accounts, do researches without being spammed by advertisements about it later, visit sites whose cookies they don't trust. The possibilities are endless and aren't being explored at the moment. It'd be in Vivaldi's spirit to take the multiple ways people use private mode into consideration and tweak the tools to allow we to use the browser the way we want.

    Right now when you try to save a session of a private window it looks like if the session was saved. It's misleading, it's an empty session. Try to open it and you'll see nothing happening. Ideally you either block the function in private windows or allow it, adding an extra warning about saving it = not that private anymore.

  • Add a "search" field in the "add bookmark" dialog so that the user can easily find a folder to add the bookmark in. I have many folders and this makes adding a bookmark quite cumbersome.

  • Add option to add separators in bookmarks menu. I am currently faking this by creating folders named "@@@@@@@@".


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