Feature requests for 1.13

  • Hi everyone,

    Following the release of Vivaldi 1.12, we've created this thread where you can request features and vote for the ones you like.

    In case someone else has already added the feature request you had in mind, please vote for it by clicking the "up" arrow.

    Vote for your favorite feature

    Please post only one request at a time so that it's easier for everyone to see it and vote for it 🙂

    Thank you all for being part of our journey and for helping us improve Vivaldi!

    P.S. We will still be looking at your previous requests – they're not going anywhere! 😉

    P.P.S. In case your feature request has already been implemented, we will move it to this thread so that the new requests get all the attention.

    P.P.P.S. Comments not related to feature requests may be deleted by the moderators.

  • Add this option in the web panel, show the number of unread messages as shown in the tab, it would be great to have this also in the web panel.
    Currently it shows, but it is not in real time as it happens in the tabs. Image

  • Customize Toolbars

    Note: To search the current thread use the shortcut Ctrl F. This only works when the page has focus, not when focus is n a text area such as when replying to a thread.

    0_1509513279073_Search Current Topic.png
    To search the Feature Request forum use the Advanced Search tool in the Black Header. Limit the search to the Feature Requests forum and to the last three months (or less if the thread is more recent). E.g. Bookmarks

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    There is no reason to downvote valid feature requests. If you click the downvote button in error, click it again to remove the vote. Likewise for upvotes.

    0_1510252801088_Vote Down.png

    Click a user's profile link to send a chat message rather than replying to feature requests

  • A more practical way of fixing stacked tabs.
    I use ctrl + shift + F to do this.
    First I make the stack of tabs and then I go in each tab that is inside the stack and I make the combination ctrl + shift + F.
    That was the only way I found to stack fixed tabs.

  • Download Manager

    Multiple connections and Allocate bandwidth.

  • RSS Feed Reader

  • Option to reorder websites that are in web panel.

  • Allow Editing of Menus

  • Sort Search Engines in Settings

  • Ctrl+Click on Images to Save Them

    Just like Opera 12.17

  • An option in the context menu of the tab to reload the tab from minutes to minutes, the user can choose how long to reload the tab.

  • Ability to upgrade Vivaldi on next restart. Currently the Vivaldi update is being lost if it has finished downloading and you close the browser without interacting with it.

  • Links Panel

    Note that the Windows Panel is already available in Vivaldi://experiments but is still work in progress.

    Note: The Windows Panel is implemented in Snapshot 1.13.997.3 (64-bit)

  • Official method to store custom modifications in browser, so they can survive updates. And additionally an inbuilt switch to toggle them.

  • Allow Resizing of Tiled Tabs

  • True alphabetical sorting of bookmarks and ability to sort on a per folder basis. Currently you can only display them sorted, but not actually sort them.

  • Add the option to reload all tabs within a guide stack.

  • Native cookie whitelist in vivaldi://settings/privacy/ -- Cookies.

  • A link collection of the current site like old Opera used to have (Link Grabber). Probably best to integrate this optionally in panel.

  • Custom Filenames for Screenshots

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