My Vivaldi Browser take a very long time to open on my desktop

  • I have used Vivaldi for at least the last year without any problem opening it with the icon on my desktop. As of the last 2 weeks when I go to open it, it takes almost 4 minutes or does not open at all. I have no problem when I open Google.
    Has anyone else experience this. I enjoy the speed of Vivaldi and am disappointed I can not use it.

  • Moderator

    @cinmarc Please let us know the exact version you are talking about, and tell us something about your platform (windows ver.) and hardware. 4 minutes is 'way too much for any hardware that is even ABLE to run Vivaldi. My very worst machine takes like 20 seconds on a cold start - and my machines are up to 14 years old.

    Tell us more.

    But first, refresh your profile and report the results.


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