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  • After today's update there are massive problems with the tab bar.
    Is it just me? Anyway, riddle to me.
    (1.12.955.36, 64-bit, win7)

  • What specifically is wrong with the tab bar?

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    @nebelkalb said in update/tab bar:

    After today's update there are massive problems with the tab bar.

    Oh, and what is wrong?

    Is it just me? Anyway, riddle to me.

    You speak in riddles. Tell us more.

  • @lonm said in update/tab bar:

    What specifically is wrong with the tab bar?

    Thanks for answering!
    Most of the tab bar isn't there anymore. Except for pinned tabs I can see only the first one and the active one. All else is vanished, the bar being emptied.
    On changing settings — tab settings or any settings, for that matter — the bar flashes into view for fractures of a second, then is gone again.
    Either the tabs or their previews become visible only when mousing over them, it seems random which.

  • @nebelkalb Could you give a screenshot / screencast of this?

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    @nebelkalb And yet, mine is totally normal. What happens if you refresh your profile?

  • @lonm
    Here is a screen shot. As you can see there are 9 tabs open, of which just 3 are visible, a pinned tab, the first and the active one.
    About an hour ago I deleted the browser, including all data, and installed fresh, hoping it might solve the problem. It didn't.
    The reinstallation is the reason that there are only a couple of tabs. More often than not I have dozens of tabs open, so it gets ever more difficult to find a specific one by mousing over the blank bar. I've included a screen shot of how it looks when hovering the mouse over it.
    Since switching from Firefox over to Vivaldi earlier this year I've been using a few addons, 13 to be precise. One of several reasons for changing the default browser was that Vivaldi comes with much more functionality out of the box, which means fewer addons. As a longtime Firefox user I know that unruly addons can wreak havoc. So, after reinstalling I took care to open Vivaldi without anything added and see whether all was back to normal. Unfortunately, same thing.


  • @nebelkalb Weirded out tabs like this when some tabs are pinned is a recurring issue, if other forum posters are to be believed. I don't have access to the bug tracker though, so can't say for sure if a bug for this is filed.

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    Have you tried using different Themes?

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    @nebelkalb Did you follow the specific instructions I provided to refresh your profile? They are written the way they are for a reason.

  • @pesala
    Yes, I tried different themes, but it didn't help.

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    @nebelkalb Try tabs on the left or right.

  • @ayespy
    Thanks for your reply!
    I should have read your post first. I did reinstall, despite your advising against it. But I did away with the profile anyway.
    I haven't yet followed your instructions, but I'm certainly going to. Right now, I'm rather whacked.
    I thank you again for your efforts. Once the reset is done and, hopefully, has worked out, I'll get back to you.

  • @Ayespy I've refreshed the profile, all to no avail.
    @Pesala Moving the tab bar to different positions was one of the first things I tried. Doesn't make a difference.
    @LonM Unpinning tabs, or even starting afresh with a pristine profile without anything pinned at all, doesn't help.

    Now, as no one else seems to have a similar complaint the problem must be very specific. All I know for sure is that it cropped up smack after updating to the latest version.
    I also know that I wont hang myself because of it. I've set a shortcut to get the bar out of sight off and on so as not to get overly fixated (happens easily with such things).
    I put my hope in future updates, the nuisance may prove short–lived.

  • @nebelkalb I'm having a similar problem, but if I move the tabs from top to bottom and back it redraws them correctly, which is an acceptable workaround. This is on 1.12.955.38 (Stable channel) (64-bit) running on fedora.

    What usually happens is that after opening and closing tabs one will suddenly leave a hole in the tab bar, and subsequent tabs can overlap other tabs. After taht, closing any other tab will leave a hole.

    I use "New tab position: After active tab", which is possibly the main reason I switched from Firefox 🙂


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