[Feature Request] Open items from history list in background

  • I already requested this several times in the version specific feature request threads but to no avail.

    In old Opera and mostly all browser of today you can open items from your history list in the background/new tab by:

    1. right click the back button to show the history list
    2. middle click an item from the history list

    I think this is a very usefull feature since sometimes you will want to compare something you've seen before with you currently opened tab.

    I would like to know: How do other people here feel about this? Am I the only who uses bowsers like this (I don't think so :D) ?

  • Moderator

    @raystanz The feature request threads are the right place to post this. A new thread for 1.13 will no doubt be opened soon. They cannot do everything at once. Please be patient.


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